How to Use the 369 Manifestation Method

There are a variety of different ways that the 369 Manifestation Method and this version of the 369 Manifestation Method is my personal favorite. Read on to learn how to use this manifestation method to benefit your life.

manifestation method cathclaire

Before you diminish this manifestation technique to a woo woo simple written task made popular by tweens on Tiktok, let me hit you with a plot twist.

Just what is the deal with 3,6, and 9?

The significance of the number 3,6, and 9 was made by the legendary scientist, Nikola Tesla. He called these numbers the Secret of the Universe. His indication also echoes the Latin Phrase “Omne Trium Perfectum” which means ‘everything that comes in threes is perfect, or, every set of three is complete.’

369 nikola tesla manifest

Once I went down a rabbit hole and discovered the power of these numbers, I was committed to this manifestation method. I hope you are too because the results can be incredible.

369 manifestation method cathclaire

Step 1: Affirmation

*This is the most important step because it is the framework of your 369 Manifestation practice of the next 33 days.

Carefully design 3 Affirmations using positive and present tense language addressing what you want to bring into your life.

Here are some examples I love:

All the dreams I imagine for myself have come to fruition.

I am a magnetic force for abundance and opportunities.

As I elevate my life, I elevate the life of those around me.

I love waking up to the life of my dreams.

Step 2: Expression

Say your 3 affirmations 6x per day.

As you say these affirmations, step into the feeling and intention of what you are affirming. As you do this consistently, your subconscious mind will begin to start working in your favor. The subconscious loves repetition. Think about it as manifesting on auto-pilot.

Step 3: Visualization

Visualize each affirmation for 9 seconds per day. Imagine each affirmation as if you are watching a movie scene from your own life. Hold it in your minds eye for 9 seconds. I usually use a visualization that will give me goosebumps.

I prefer to do this step right before I go to sleep. It is such a satisfying way to end my day.

Repeat for 33 days and watch the magic unfold.

Do not be fooled by the simplicity or ease of these tasks. Focus on doing each step daily as many times as indicated. I can’t wait to see my Inbox flooded with all of your manifestations coming true!

Download my *Reiki Charged* 369 Manifestation Method worksheet here, a special gift for my readers <3

For more of my tips on manifesting, check out this post or my podcast called “manifest with cathclaire.”

XO, Cath


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