3 Styling Tips That Will Take Your Family Photos from Bland to Glam

With the limitless options for shopping at any given moment thanks to the internet, it is easy to experience indecisiveness when choosing an outfit for any occasion: especially outfits for family photos…when you are responsible for styling more than ONE outfit. I think experts call this “decision fatigue.” Kevin, Phoenix, and I hadn’t had professional family photos since baby Phoenix was 1 day old in St. Francis Hospital (wanna shift gears from styling family photos to my birth story? Here ya go!) and I wore my fave Sleeper Pajamas with feathers because duh. **

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See what I mean? Sleeper pajamas are pricey but they are fierce and serve as both a go-to FULL outfit and fabulous pajamas.

Fast forward 2 years and we finally made it a priority. (Phew! These things weigh on you, am I right? Why do we put things off when the results are so rewarding?)

Cathclaire: Hat / Earrings / Sunglasses (here or cheap version here) / Jeans

Phoenix: Zara Kids

Kevin: Shirt / Pants / Shoes

First things first, start with YOUR outfit.

Yes, I said it. Plan the other outfits for the members of your family in the photos around what you choose to style for yourself to wear. (Don’t make me go on one of my famous rants about the importance of self-love and putting yourself first so that you can care for the people around you BETTER! )

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Sparkle Outfit Elements

Don’t get too matchy-matchy.

Unless you are doing a dramatic matchy-matchy (like this), I would strive to keep your family photo outfits more dynamic. Use a range of different colors and various textures when styling each person’s outfit. Remember, we live in the age of photography filters and a filters job is to make the colors in the photo look more uniform so that you don’t have to wear a uniform.

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Basic isn’t Bad

Basic isn’t bad if that is true to your personal style. Just because a style is your go-to, doesn’t mean it’s basic. Love to wear an all black outfit? You do you!

My only styling advice would be to add something a little extra to this outfit than what you would normally wear because after all, getting family photos done IS a special occasion.

Ways to make your favorite outfit more interesting for family photos without straying too far out of your comfort zone:

  • add shoes with a pop of color (if you don’t think you will wear them often, try shopping here for a fun pair that won’t break the bank. if you want to invest in a pair of shoes, I would recommend shopping here.)
  • statement earrings, or jewelry of any kind (my favorite place to shop for statement earrings is here and my favorite jewelry designer for this is Deepa Gurnani.)
  • add layers that have a decent amount of movement (chiffon is great for this!) or with striking tailoring (a blazer with clean and flattering lines is a great option . I recommend shopping here or here)

And my last tip has nothing to do with styling of clothes and everything to do with the styling of your children’s faces (aka SMILES): don’t forget to bring a treat, toy, or person that can help keep your little ones happy during your family photo session!

Favorite Graphic Tee Company

Here is to fabulous family outfit styling and even better family photos! XO, Cathclaire

**Correction- we actually DID take professional Christmas family photos when Phoenix was 9 months old but it slipped my mind because the styling was easy thanks to matching Petite Plume Pajamas. Phoenix in a set of traditional PJs gets me EVERYTIME.

PS – Do you have great taste (of course you do, that’s why you are apart of my cathclaire community!) and/or a story you want to tell online? I mentor people just like you to help them launch an online career that works for YOU. Check it out here.

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