How to Manifest Success on Social Media

Does social media make you feel hyper-connected, scared to step into your true self, and like a chronic people pleaser wishing for more follows, likes, & “making it” ? In this blogpost, I will teach you how to use your energy to manifest your success on social media.

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There is a Social Media Platform for Everyone

Whether you are a fashion blogger, a manifestation coach, an author, a podcast creator, or just using social media for funsies, social media is a space on the internet that we all have become very familiar with in 2021. From Instagram to Reddit, it feels like there is a social media platform for everyone on planet Earth. As social media has become the new norm, I have noticed a change in the people around me and in myself.

Has the like button made us all people pleasers?

Every like and every follow has become like an addiction and has also spilled into our real lives as chronic & fearful people pleasing.

What is people pleasing? People pleasing is the habit of putting your soul’s intuition in the backseat in fear of not meeting someone else’s expectations. People pleasing is doing something you don’t want to do in fear of rejection. Why do we reject our soul & our needs in favor of someone else’s needs?

Of course, there are many times and places where other’s needs come before our own. But doing something for someone from a place of wholeness & gratitude is not people pleasing, it is service. People pleasing comes from the low energy place of fear. Just say the two words to yourself and feel the difference in the energy of the words themselves:


People pleasing.

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The Irony in People Pleasing in IRL & on Social Media

Say this five times fast : people pleasing keeps your people on the internet (and in real life) from finding you. Let that sink in.

If you are posting on social media solely in hopes of someone liking it, you are people pleasing. You aren’t being your true self, you are being who you think people “want” you to be, and therefore depriving the people who need your voice from finding you.

The remedy for this conundrum is to figure out who you are, what your inner truth is, and share it unapologetically & fearlessly. Like I said in this post, BE BOLD.

Combat People Pleasing & Find Success on Social Media with Your Energy

You can take every SEO, Instagram, and Blogging class (check mine out The Crystal Press blogging class here) under the sun but until you master your energy – you will feel like a victim to information and strategy. Energetically you cannot be a victim and a creator at the same time. A victim lives in the past and the future (for example: guilt of not people pleasing in the past or anxiety of people’s opinions in the future) and a creator lives in the present moment, where all magical creation happens. Isn’t that the goal of social media, to create value & be of service?

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When you release yourself from the false expectations of other people (In real life or on social media), you free up so much creative potential in your reality. Your mind is no longer occupied with these foggy thoughts of people pleasing and is stimulated by creativity.

I have seen people succeed with flying colors on social media who didn’t give the instagram algorithm or their website SEO too much thought, why is that? I will give you one word: energy.

Like attracts Like

Energy can’t fake it til it makes it and it can’t be something it’s not. It is the law, like energy attracts like. Who you are being energetically (your feelings, thoughts, emotions) creates your reality.

If you can get your energy into alignment with your truth, your people will find you because of your energy. Of course, help the Universe out and have a place for your people to find you on social media and on the internet, but listen to your soul’s guidance over the ever-changing rules of internet marketing. This will keep you in the creators seat and not only provide a sense of fabulous fulfillment but it will also build your confidence.

Get into Alignment First, Post on Social Media Second

Instead of looking outside of yourself for validation (people pleasing), take a step inward and realign yourself with your intuition. This not only empowers you but also helps you post & engage on social media more confidently in YOUR TRUTH! As a result, your people who need your voice, talents, and truth will find you.

Get into alignment first, post on social media second.

If you want to learn more about my tips on manifesting and stepping into your dream life, sign up for my “Manifest with Cathclaire” waitlist here.

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