How to Make 6 Figures as A Stay at Home Mom

How to Make 6 Figures as a Stay at Home Mom: Stop trading your precious time for money with these tips.

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Life shifts when you become a stay at home mom, in beautiful and in chaotic ways. With childcare becoming increasingly more expensive, the doom scrolling of Indeed and LinkedIn Jobs is only inspiring for about 5 minutes…. before you realize most remote (or in person) jobs will barely cover the cost of a nanny or of daycare.

Not only that – but these less than ideal jobs are also taking you away from time with your family. I have been grappling with this concept since my son was born in 2020, right before the country shut down. (What an introduction to motherhood, am I right? lol) Before he was born, I worked in person as a Marketing Manager (along with my side hustle online)- but after the pandemic, I never was able to go back. Over the past 4 years, I have continued my work in social media and affiliate marketing but in this time, I kept getting a feeling that the amount of time I was trading money wasn’t making any sense.

Don’t get me wrong, I love creating and sharing in the online space, especially the community aspect – but the amount of time I have to do it has changed significantly since becoming a mom. Everyone has a different experience with both of these aspects of life but for me, I knew I needed a change. I became sick of feeling like I was getting pennies the dollar from affiliate sales and sick of waiting for brands to decide “I am worth” the next campaign or the price I charge for my work.

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The solution didn’t come to me overnight, but as I began the process of shifting my perspective and opening my mind to new possibilities, I started to see an additional passive income stream. It all started when I saw the Forbes prediction that the Digital Media Industry would be worth 1.5 TRILLION by 2030. This number blew my mind wide open to the possibilities in this sector and was a massive sign that I needed to make a change to capitalize on this growth. I decided to stop watching from the sidelines as this industry grows astronomically and to take matters in to my own hands.

While I have years of experience in the online space, I knew I still had a lot I needed to learn. I found a course that not only has made stay at home moms thousands of dollars over night, but also efficiently empowered me with the information on how to leverage digital media my business so that I am no longer hustling or burnt out from trading my time for money. I finally had a clear path to digital media wealth. I learned how to automize my business to work FOR ME, IN MY SLEEP…..and as if that wasn’t good enough, help other stay at home moms who want to free themselves from the same problems I was previously experiencing.

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My only regret is the time I spent waiting between when I saw inspiring stay at home moms making hundreds of thousands of dollars online after taking this course and actually deciding to invest in myself, and my ability to serve other stay at home moms.

How does this course serve other stay at home moms, you ask?

This Digital Wealth course is “MRR.” This essentially means: Upon acquiring my course, you not only gain invaluable knowledge but also the rights to propagate its message, exponentially expanding your earning potential. More details on MRR here. Join me in my mission to awaken the masses to the unparalleled opportunity of monetizing social media. It’s time to increase your earning potential but earning 100% commission of every sale you make, instead of pennies on the dollar in affiliate marketing.

If you sell this course or any of my guides 1 time, you get a 100% return on investment. If you sell this course 10x, you make $5,000. If you sell this course 200x to stay at home moms or well -anyone-, not only will you make 6 figures but you will also be empowering 200 people with knowledge and tools to expand their very income.

Learn from my hesitation—act now! Grab my freebie here and explore a plethora of digital courses and products available today, propelling you toward online prosperity from the comfort of your home.

Disclaimer For My Shy Stay At Home Moms Wanting to Make 6 Figures:

Making money with this digital media wealth course (from @shesdigitalwealth) does NOT require posting your personal life, kids, or face all over social media. The beauty of this opportunity is that it can be completely faceless. What a relief, right? How to make money with Faceless Media has never been easier – more details here. (PS this guide is included when you enroll in the Digital Wealth Academy, but is also available for separate purchase for my shy girlies!)

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I hope this article has inspired you see the abundance of wealth and possibilities that are available to stay at home moms in the digital media industry. Most of all, I hope this article inspires you to stop being INSPIRED and take action to become INSPIRING not just for you, but for other stay at home moms that need you to shine so they can too.

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I hope to see you in there! XO