How I Know I am Still Trying to be Jessica Simpson

I thought I had grown out of my complete and utter obsession with being Jessica Simpson until this outfit – shot with Halle Kennon for The Crystal Press w Reb – with Free City sweatpants from SHOPBOP happened.

cathclaire Jessica simpson fashion

Since the debut of the MTV show Newlyweds in 2003 – like most of America – I have been a Jessica Simpson fan. I remember scanning outlets (the internet, tabloids, magazines) for every detail of her outfits on and off camera and was heavily influenced by her style. I thought I had grown out of it since the obsession began 17 years ago – but then this outfit happened.

Jessica simpson fashion

I was scanning Shopbop recently and stumbled across these Free City sweatpants. I had not come across these pants since Jessica wore them in several colors in bazillions of paparazzi shots circa 2005 or so. I remember seeing her wear them, being obsessed, and not being able to find them to order aka settling for the Victoria’s Secret PINK ones.

free city fashion pants cathclaire blog

With a big feeling of nostalgia, I thought I would give these Free City sweatpants a go and it would an understatement to say I “liked” them. My sister has already made fun of me for wearing them for *almost* 2 weeks straight. I could go on and on about how comfy and cute they are, but lets be real – I love these Free City sweatpants because they make me feel like my girl, Jessica Simpson.

What better time than amid Quarantine to find a magical pair of sweatpants that works with tennis shoes OR a fabulous heel?

free city sweatpants

PS – Have you read Jessica Simpson’s new-ish book called Open Book? Now that I think about it, reading this in Feb when I was still pregnant may be the culprit for my reignited obsession. If you haven’t read it and like my girl Jessica, I highly recommend it! Buy it online at Target here.

cathclaire fashion blog

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  1. October 8, 2020 / 4:40 pm

    so obsessed with these sweatpants on you cathy!!! and love these photos!

    xx ME!