Home Decor Update with Desenio Wall Art

This post was sponsored by Desesnio Wall Art, all opinions are my own.

Since moving into our new home in Febuary, which I frequently refer to our chateau, my husband and I have been extremely intentional with what we bring into our space. It might not be a large mansion in the French countryside but it is our favorite place to spend our time, so it might as well be.

cathclaire home decor desenio

Being intentional with decor has been quite the fun (yet long) journey but one of the hardest things for us to choose been wall art. Enter: Desenio Wall Art, a fabulous Scandinavian art company that has one million options to choose from.

cathclaire home decor desenio

I spent DAYS on this website trying to narrow down which pieces I loved the most and I am so excited to show you photos of how the wall art turned out so far!

I originally got this abstract tiger piece for Phoenix’s room but I couldn’t resist including it with this bunch above our credenza. Gucci vibes, anyone?

Part of being intentional with our home includes, you guessed it, smudging with sage. I can always go for a perfectly smudged house, it feels like the reset button for my spirit every time. I sage our chateau regularly and especially when we bring in new pieces of furniture or home decor of any kind. The look of our home is equally as important as the energetic feel of it.

Are you looking to dress up your walls at home? Check out Desenio for Scandinavian wall art galore to give your home a refresh. Don’t forget to sage your new pieces! Use CATHCLAIRE for 25% off prints on desenio. This code is especially for you and is valid until midnight on Oct 29. Happy shopping!

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  1. October 27, 2020 / 4:50 pm

    it looks so GOOD!!!! xx reb