Fashionable Holiday Outfits with Forever 21

What do you have planned for the holidays? Any exciting events that you want some festive Forever 21 skirts and outfit ideas? I know you guys are super busy so I’ve teamed up with Forever 21 to give you some holiday options to shop that are quick and easy and covered in holiday-appropriate embelishments.

….AND you don’t have to scroll through millions of pages on their site to find! 

As you guys have probably noticed, I love shopping at Forever 21. As a matter of fact, I can still remember the exact moment in middle school when I first was told that there was a Forever 21 within driving distance from my house. Some (my mom perhaps) would consider it a trek, but for me, it was an enjoyable driving distance. Most locations, in the name of shopping, are driving distance as long as it doesn’t go over a “couple” of hours…………and I’m sure my fellow shopaholics would agree with me, amiright?

You can ask any of my friends, they will tell you that I am “good at Forever 21-ing” and I take this as a compliment. The point is that I love Forever 21 and I consider my ability to get in and out of there successfully in under 45 minutes with purchases that I will actually wear a talent. I’ve been shopping there for years, as I’ve evolved from one cathclaire to the next, and I was beyond PUMPED when Forever 21 emailed me with a chance to work together!

I’m showing you guys some skirts that I wore for Fall and that I will be wearing for holiday gatherings moving forward. And if I’m being completely honest, I will def be throwing a huge fur coat over these skirts to warm up my little legs! Speaking of holiday gatherings, guess what? 98 Degrees is coming to RICHMOND on their Christmas tour and these skirts are the perfect way to holiday-up my look for this Nick Lachey admiration fest!

What do you guys have planned that you are excited to dress up for during the holidays? Check out my Forever 21 picks if you need some new threads for your holiday sched!

Forever 21 Faux Fur Coats for Holiday Under $100:

Forever 21 Holiday Inspired Earrings:

Thank you Forever 21 for sponsoring this post.


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