The Full Moon Ritual to Supercharge Your Intentions

Looking for a fun, carefree, & inspiring full moon ritual that will supercharge your soul intentions? Same. This is exactly why I have compiled the ultimate full moon ritual over the years. I am excited to share my personal full moon ritual with you in hopes that it will supercharge your intentions and help you take FULL advantage of the energy that is available during a full moon. 

Also I would like to add to those who scoff at the power of the moon – like Hilary Duff said, why not? What else are you doing in quarantine after work? LOL

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So during a full moon, the moon receives the light of the sun – shining back to us in the sky, illuminating parts of ourselves that may had previously been in the shadows. That is why the full moons have such a stigma – because they do bring things, thoughts, and energies to the surface. But this isn’t meant to be a bad thing, it is meant to be empowering. By bringing our shadows to our conscious mind the full moon gives us a gift of personal enlightenment. Isn’t that beautiful? Now you see why I have been a big full moon ritual-er.  Okay, enough about my love of the moon and onto my full moon ritual.

See what your moon sign is and why it is important here.

  1. Clear Space: It is time to write down everything, every thought, and every emotion that you want to release during the energy of this full moon. Whatever this moon is bringing up for you that you want to be done with, write it down. Get raw and get detailed with your feelings and fears. The more time you take with this step, the more powerful your full moon ritual will be and the more you can let go. Heck – even cry if you want to, ya feel?
  2. Release : While you are releasing what you have written down on paper with the power of the full moon, it is also important that you do your personal energetic part as well. Harness forgiveness in this step. Forgiveness for yourself and for anyone who you feel has wronged you – especially on that piece of paper. Let the moon really nourish you during this step. 
  3. Amplify: It is time to amplify one of the most high frequency emotions, gratitude.  On a separate piece of paper, take some time to write down what you are grateful for. It can be something as simple as the light of the moon, the love of someone you hold dear, or the Earth beneath your feet. Gratitude is powerful and with the full moon helping you amplify – it is even MORE powerful.
  4. I AM: Time to bring in the new. Take a look at the paper from Step 1 and think about what you want after all of this is released. Who do you want to be? Use the I AM to create affirmations and intentions for your future. 
  5. Burn, baby: Go somewhere safe to burn the papers that hold what you want to release during the energy of this full moon from step 1. I love to do it in the fire pit in our back yard under the moonlight. I’ll tell you what – there are few things as cathartic as this. If you do any of the steps from this post, I hope you at least do this one. 
  6. Energy Renewal: What makes you feel brand new? Whether it is a bath with epsom salt, diffusing your favorite essential oils, a yoga flow, or a meditation – DO THAT. It’s time to bring in new energy from the moon. 
  7. Celebrate: Honor yourself for showing up for your soul tonight. This not only effects you, but it puts a ripple out into the Universe and into the lives of everyone you interact with. Don’t you think the world could use a little bit more of this? I know that I for one am grateful for you for doing this ritual with me. During this step, enjoy and revel in your full moon experience now. Pour a glass of champagne or blast your favorite song and dance around in pure bliss. 

Get outside and let the light of the moon shine on you baby! Heres to manifesting the lives of our dreams! XO Cath

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