Favorite Perfumes Right Now

Perfume: you either love it or hate it … and Cathclaire loves it. 

I was looking at my perfume collection the other day and realized that I have collected a lot of perfume over the past few months. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve gotten less obsessed with having a signature scent (mine was Chloe for years and yes, I still always have a bottle on hand) and more into having perfumes for all the different versions of myself

If one day I wake up wanting to embrace my inner Beyonce, I spritz myself with Tom Ford “Fucking Fabulous,if I wake up wanting to embrace my carefree spirit from college, I will spritz myself with Chloe, and if I wake up wanting to be reminded of the day I married my favorite person (wedding blog post here), I will spritz myself with Chanel “Beige.” To be honest, the list goes on and on…and on and on.

With the style stage that I am in right now, it is just more fun to have a different perfume for my different moods versus sticking to one signature scent. Perfume is the invisible finishing touch of your look. It is a way to amplify your style and sometimes, even a way to make yourself stand out in a room full of people. Like I mentioned earlier, it is also a way to embrace different versions/aspects of yourself or memories. I wanted to share with you guys the scents that I have on rotation right now because it is probably one of the most common questions I get!

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What’s in the rotation right now:

Gucci Bloom (probably the one I wear the most rn)
Chanel Gabrielle (their newest scent!)
Tom Ford Fucking Fabulous
Chanel Beige
Miu Miu


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