My Favorite Christmas Movies on Netflix for 2017

christmas movies netflix

I am addicted to cheesy Christmas movies on Netflix this year, guys. I do not know what came over me this year like I mentioned in my 98 Degrees Christmas tour post, but I am feeling so cheesy and so festive and so INTO Christmas in EVERY way this year. TBH, I’ve never felt better.

I haven’t posted anything on my blog in 6 days because guess what I have been doing? I have been watching every Christmas Netflix movie……..what feels like nonstop. How am I supposed to do research for this blog post (aka watching Christmas rom-coms) AND work on my blog?

If you are like me and feel like cheesy and happy Christmas movies on Netflix are like a massage for your brain (kinda like a meditation…?) then this blog post today on Cathclaire is for you. Here are my top Christmas Movies on Netflix for your viewing pleasure. Get yourself a cup of hot cocoa (spike it for even more fun) and cuddle up on the couch with the remote and your favorite holiday candle to check em out!

christmas movies netflix cathclaire

1. The Christmas Prince – With all this talk about royals, this movie came to Netflix at the PERFECT time if you ask me!

2. Christmas Kiss – This movie is the one that started my obsession. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to steal your mean boss’s boyfriend? Find out in this flick!

3. Naughty & Nice – I love the movies with Haylie Duff in them and this one is no exception! Set in Colorado and involves a Haylie being a radio host. GOLD.

4. How Sara Got Her Wings – Anything about angels is this spirit junkies jam. This movie gets into the true meaning of love! Need I say more?

5. Christmas Belle – The cheesiest take on Beauty and the Beast that will make your Disney heart sing! Even better, Haylie Duff is in this gem too!

6. Holiday Engagement – When your mom puts all the pressure on you to get married and your fiance dumps you right before Christmas – you hire someone to stand in as your date. This one has a riveting plot!

7. 12 Dates of Christmas – This one features Amy Smart and follows her character Kate as she goes on the same date 12 times on Christmas Eve.

I want to say you’re welcome but I also want to say I’m sorry because once you pop these cheesy Christmas movies – you just won’t stop! But does it get better than sitting in front of the TV watching Christmas movies where a happy ending is the only option? Didn’t think so.

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