Fashionable Leather Diaper Bag and Accessories with Nisolo

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Finding a fashionable diaper bag that is chic, high quality, and has comfortable straps (let’s be real, diaper bags get UBER heavy) is quite the task. Let me save you the time searching for one and introduce you to Nisolo leather products. This brand is sustainable and also made of the most beautiful leather. The Lori tote is exquisitely chic and serves wonderfully as a diaper bag. I chose the black one because, well, I love black everything. But there are several other options, including two tone totes!

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Another reason why I think Nisolo is a great diaper bag option is because they also have matching accessories that serve as great pouches to keep in and near your diaper bag. I use the Rosa pouch for things like diaper rash ointment and touch up makeup for moi! I also use the Lori Envelope clutch for all things wallet and keys. It is a beautiful work of art and perfect for when I am on the go – sans baby. I just grab my clutch out of the bigger Lori tote and head on my way!

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Whether you are in the market for a diaper bag or in need of a chic carry all bag in general, I highly recommend Nisolo products. Their companies mission is super inspiring (see more about that here) and their products are of great quality.

Thank you Nisolo for sponsoring this post, I continue to be inspired by your brand! XO

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