Fashionable Blazers for Any Season

A blazer is a classic and chic way to finish just about any outfit during any fashion season. It is a staple in my closet and here are a few I am loving right now.

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When I was in high school, blazers were part of my school uniform on Fridays. At the time, I was not a fan of the blazer look. As I look back at how my taste has evolved since my high school days, blazers are one of my fashion mainstays.

Through college at Virginia Tech, I had a blazer over just about every going-out-look. It didn’t matter if it was jeans and a tank or a formal dress, I put a blazer over almost every outfit. I love a long, skinny lapel and am partial to a one button blazer but these preferences in no way cancel my love for ALL blazers, too.

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Through post college and fashion blogging, you guessed it, I’m still rocking the blazer. You can’t beat the extra element it gives to your look, whether its a structured silhouette, oversized, or slouchy layer.

cathclaire fashion blog

Shop my favorite blazers for any season here:

Maybe my love for blazers got ingrained into my subconscious during those high school years because I can guarantee you I didn’t consciously love wearing them when they were mandated. Here’s to fashionable blazers surviving in my wardrobe despite my unfavorable high school uniform. I hope you find one you like for your taste!

XO, Cath

PS – Another cathclaire favorite is hats! Check out my favorite ones here.

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