Fabulous Black Dresses For Any Occasion

black dress cathclaire

Is there anything more convenient than your favorite black dress that is chic enough for any occasion? You know, the one you can throw on without your whole get ready routine and you feel instantly fabulous? There is nothing better than the feeling of the fabulousness of a dress seeping into your pores as you put it on. Like your favorite accessory, a well tailored black dress for any occasion is a great item to have in your closet.

black dress for any occasion
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I am a chronic black dress wearer and if you are like me, you’d rather invest in one fabulous black dress than 10 okay ones. The color black is just as much edgy as it is flattering and mama needs BOTH of these in her life as often as possible. The GANNI black dress in these photos is at the top of my list when I need to spruce up for a last minute event. I wore it through my entire pregnancy with Phoenix and continue to wear it because it is the freaking best. The material is tough to wrinkle, the silhouette falls perfectly, and it doesn’t hurt that I get compliments on it wherever I go.

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black dress cathclaire

When I was creating this blogpost for you, the qualifications I mentioned above are what I had in mind. It saves so much time to have a black dress for any occasion in your wardrobe and like this GANNI dress, I hope that you find one in this blogpost for your own closet. A black dress that feels like fabulousness SEEPS into your pores when you put it on. Whether your prefer dresses over the knee, over the ankle, or a classic midi dress – I have picked a couple of my favorite black dress styles for you. Enjoy!

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