Manifest w/ the New Moon & the Full Moon

Learn the difference between the new moon and the full moon so that you can harness the manifesting powers of these phases.

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The phases of the moon have always been fascinating to me. Over the past couple of years, I have really enjoyed learning about the phases of the moon and how to harness the natural power of the two most well known moon phases: the new moon and the full moon. During these two phases, the energy of the moon is most felt.

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As I’ve said in several of my blogposts on cathclaire.com about the moon, mother moon affects the ocean tides, the growth of plants, and (among other things) human beings with her energy.

I’ve shared my full moon ritual here on cathclaire and touched on how a full moon is about completion.

Like I’ve said in my blogpost about my full moon ritual:

“During a full moon, the moon receives the light of the sun – shining back to us in the sky, illuminating parts of ourselves that may had previously been in the shadows. That is why the full moons have such a stigma – because they do bring things, thoughts, and energies to the surface. But this isn’t meant to be a bad thing, it is meant to be empowering. By bringing our shadows to our conscious mind the full moon gives us a gift of personal enlightenment. Isn’t that beautiful? Now you see why I have been a big full moon ritual-er.”

Full Moon Prayer :

full moon prayer

While a full moon’s energy is about completion and lights up the sky, a new moon’s energy is about beginnings and not visible in the night sky.

The new moon is not visible on Earth because it is right between the sun and Earth. Think of a new moon like a zero starting point – a time to plant the seeds for your future to blossom into your dreams. It is a great time to get clear on your future and to bring fresh, purifying energy into your life with new manifestations.

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Get out your journal during today’s new moon (occurs approximately every 29 days) and get clarity on what you want within this moon cycle. Plant the seeds for an upgrade in your life and harness this energy to manifest. A new moon is a great time to visualize and meditate about your future. I can’t say it enough.

If you don’t have a great meditating, manifesting, journaling, or self-care practice in general, the new moon is a great time to start. I always recommend simple, actionable things that you can do daily until the next full moon. A great way to start a new mindful practice is through using the Five Minute Journal (I LOVE THIS PRODUCT! So simple, changes your energy, and only takes minutes in the morning and night!), listening to Kelly Howell while you sleep, or Braintapping.

Get clear and start asking for what you want on the new moon loves!

New Moon Prayer:

new moon prayer cathclaire

Happy asking, dreaming, and blossoming! The new moon is a magical time to being something new.

And as a reminder – if you aren’t into meditating (or want to supercharge your meditation practice) but are into manifesting things into your life in an efficient and effortless way, check out the Braintap headset. It is my favorite manifesting toy!

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  1. Tiona B
    August 18, 2020 / 5:08 pm

    Can’t wait to get to manifesting on this new moon!

  2. Amy
    February 23, 2024 / 10:07 pm

    Hi Claire!

    So if I understand this correctly I should NOT make a life-changing purchase this weekend following the Snow Moon.

    Should I instead decide NOT to make the purchase at all?
    Should I give up entirely on what this purchase would be (potentially) bringing me?

    Thank you!