Fashion Blogger’s Elvie Breast Pump Review

The Elvie breast pump is a wireless, hands free breast milk pump for breastfeeding moms. Here is my honest review of the Elvie breast pump.

At the time of this post, I have been breastfeeding my first child for 9 months. For the first six months, I never left the house without a charged Elvie in my diaper bag. Not to giveaway my review in the first paragraph, but it’s true.

I love the freedom the Elvie has given me as a new mom.

Elvie pump review cathclaire blog
22 weeks pregnant in my pregnancy announcement. See it here.

Before a child of my own, I always imagined breastfeeding being a hassle. Between my mother who is a lactation consultant (and one of the best around) and the Elvie pump which has given me complete breastfeeding freedom, breastfeeding has been filled with happiness and joy. No one is more surprised than me. I know everyone’s experience with breastfeeding is personal and different and this is mine.

Between the wireless and hands free capabilities – I have pumped in cars, in bed, at my desk, and even at restaurants. It’s perfect when I am not able to sit down and feed Phoenix while on the go because I can pump while being on the go and dump it into a bottle wherever I am. THIS is luxury.

At Short Pump Towncenter in Richmond, VA. See my post on why I chose the Nuna Carseat & Stroller here.
At Tazza Kitchen in Scott’s Addition in Richmond, VA

Speaking of luxury, opening the Elvie feels like opening a shiny new device from the Apple store – not a breast pump. My mom, who deals with all things lactation daily, was even impressed. She stayed with me when Phoenix was first born (read my birth story here) and she really got to know the few parts of the Elvie, how to put it together, charge it etc. She is a big fan, as am I!

In fact, it didn’t take long for me to realize that the Elvie was a godsend. Like most women, the beginning of breastfeeding was met with lots of snuggles but also painful nipples. The pain got so unbearable on one boob to where I could only feed Phoenix on one side. To avoid mastitis or uncomfortable engorgement from not feeding, I was able to pump on the oh-so-painful side comfortably with the Elvie. I tell you this TMI tid-bit to highlight how gentle, yet effective the Elvie pump truly is. For this reason alone, I think it is worth the money. The Elvie gave me an easy solution & kept my morale up in the beginning of breastfeeding when it mattered the most. Truth be told, I could’ve easily given up on breastfeeding because of the pain and I am so so glad I didn’t.

Elvie motherhood cathclaire blog

If the price tag for two is too much for your budget, try getting just one. I rarely pumped using two at once. I primarily used the additional Elvie as a back up so that I always had one pump charged.

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