Elevate Your Makeup Game with DIY Lash Extensions from Flutter Habit

The DIY lash extensions from Flutter Habit went viral on Tiktok for a reason – and if you love lashes like me, but hate sitting in a salon to get extensions, these will elevate your makeup game. Discount code: CATHCLAIRE15

diy viral lash extensions cathclaire

I love a good false eyelash. A couple of years ago, I switched from going to the salon to get professional eyelash extensions to applying false eyelashes from the drugstore. The main reason I did this is because I got sick of sitting for so long while the extensions were applied and the price of maintaining them added up quickly. If you know, you know.

Then, Flutter Habit enters the chat and sends me some of their most popular DIY lash extensions with their glue that can last up to 5 days. SAY WHAT?

Before DIY lash Extensions:

flutter habit cathclaire beauty

After Lash Extensions:

diy lash extensions cathclaire

I feel like a parrot because I am constantly talking about how much I love these lashes. I love that they are applied under the lash, and not on top AND that they are sold in sections so that the fit of the lashes to your eye is so much more seamless. I am used to applying my drugstore lashes to the top of my lash so while there was a bit of a learning curve switching to applying my Flutter Habit lashes below my natural lashes, I love them so much more than all the lashes I’ve used in the past. I applied them on my sister when I did her makeup for her engagement photos and they looked SO natural and of course she looked gorgeous.

flutter habit cathclaire

The oomph these lashes give to any makeup look AND/or photo is such a vibe. Not to mention, they are easy to apply, can last up to 5 days, and water resistant. If you love lashes as much as I do for your makeup routine or a special occasion, use code CATHCLAIRE15 to get a discount on your order from Flutter Habit! XO, Cath


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