Doona : The Best Infant Carseat Stroller for Effortless Travel

In my opinion, the Doona infant stroller is the best stroller for travel. It’s revolutionary design that turns a carseat into a stroller in seconds and can easily be gate checked between flights makes it a no brainer for my family! Read on to see my full Doona stroller review.

doona infant stroller review cathclaire

While we chose the Nuna infant car seat and matching stroller for our son Phoenix initially (see my review here), we became addicted to the Doona infant stroller after flying to Alys Beach, FL with Phoenix for the first time. This revolutionary car seat and stroller combination is not only practical but unbelievably convenient, especially when traveling. I love that we were able to bring one piece that functioned as Phoenix’s car seat and stroller for the trip versus having to pack both for our time in Florida.

Living in Richmond, VA – we almost always have a connecting flight to any destination we travel to. I bring this up because the Doona made lay overs super manageable traveling with Phoenix. We were able to gate check the Doona and then use it during layovers to push Phoeny beany around. This frees up our hands to carry any luggage we have in between flights.

It was especially helpful whenever I would fly with Phoenix by myself. The whole “turning from a carseat to a stroller in seconds” aspect felt like my mommy travel assistant.

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Don’t mind the darkness of this picture from traveling with the Doona, it was 5 am. My luggage is
doona stroller louis vuitton diaper bag
When baby isn’t in the Doona because he wants to sit with Dad, it also works as a great diaper bag holder as well.

I have read that some people use the Doona as their main infant carseat and not just for travel to justify the $549 price tag. Looking back on my motherhood journey so far, I would consider doing the same if we had another baby. The Doona makes it so much easier to get around instead of always having to bring your stroller as well.

I highly recommend purchasing the Doona carseat base if you are going to use the Doona as your main carseat. While the Doona has the ability to be buckled directly into a car using the lap-shoulder belt European installation, the base makes getting the Doona in and out of your car much easier. Also, I wanted to note that the Doona weighs a little on the heavier side (14lbs to be exact) because of it’s 2 in 1 aspect. Having the base in your car makes it more of a swift process getting in and out of the car. One click installation is much easier than buckling every single time. We even considered getting an additional Doona base to have one in both my and my husband’s car because the base makes such a big difference to us!

There is a No Storage Solution for the Doona.

Since the Doona transforms from a carseat to a stroller like something from the future, there is no basket for storage like most strollers. Don’t worry – Doona has already solved this problem with their handy dandy snap on storage compartment. I found one on Amazon here. PLEASE make sure you are ordering from Doona whenever you order a Doona product on Amazon. I have read horror stories of people getting dupes from fake sellers. This is not only important because of the obvious false advertising, but also for the safety aspect that is associated with authentic Doona infant carseats.

How fun is this Doona with the red? It also comes in green, blue, grey (like mine), and black.

A couple more things to note, there is an adjustable handle bar on the Doona. This serves as the anit-rebound bar when the Doona is inside your car. I am 5’6 and my husband is 6 ft and niether of us have issues with the height of the handle bar when it is fully extended. I have heard some people say it seems short. It is shorter than most strollers but I will take it for the extreme convenience that the Doona provides to our lifestyle.

I hope my review of the Doona Infant Carseat / stroller is helpful for you, love!

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