Designer Handbag Styles Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Say what you want about astrology, but the idea of having a handbag that aligns with the stars not only sounds good – but looks good too. Whether you are looking for a gift that will wow a special women in your life (send all things Taurus my way, xox) or are shopping for yourself (want to align your personal style with your higher self), keep reading for a stylist’s (me) picks of designer handbags based on your natal birth chart, aka your zodiac sign. After all, is there anything better than a purchase that feels like it was MADE for you?

Ok, Aries – you are head strong, innovative, and competitive AF. For you, nothing but the warm, buttery leather best. This designer handbag has Aries written all over it – luxury materials, glamorous, and an ode to your competitive edge.

Oh Taurus, you have a stubborn affinity for luxury and all things decadent. If the Taurus bull wants luxury and beauty, thats what the Taurus bull gets. This designer handbag embodies the celestial qualities that Venus (and the earth element!) shines on your zodiac sign.

You can be hard to pin down, Gemini. Super adaptable and always fashion forward, it is safe to say you are always way ahead of trends. This designer handbag is ahead of its time with just enough of a classic element to stand the test of your forward changing style taste.

Cancer, our crab of the zodiac ruled by Mother Moon, you are soft underneath but the feel safest in a hard shell. That being said, style for you is more than just a personal statement. It can also be seen as a safe haven or armor of sorts. This designer bag is structured to reflect the safety you crave, your water element, and embodies the creative, free flowing emotions of Cancer.

Sun child and vibrant Leo, you have no problem stepping into the spotlight. You love putting it all out there and your handbag choice is no exception. This statement handbag not only shines as bright as you do but also adds a little bit of pizazz to every outfit.

Attention to detail is your middle name, dear Virgo, and your personal style reflects your meticulous nature. Let your accessories exude a sense of understated elegance and refined sophistication like this oh-so-perfect designer handbag.

handbags based on zodiac sign cathclaire fashion blog

Oh Libra, you embody balance and flirty feminine aspects of style thanks to your ruling planet Venus. I can’t look at this designer bag without thinking of Libra energy – this bag is the perfect one for you!

Unleash your magnetic allure, dear Scorpio, and let your personal style leave others intrigued. Choose designer bags that exude mystery and sensuality, with rich hues and alluring textures. This designer handbag embodies your enigmatic and mysterious charm.

designer handbags shop by zodiac sign cathclaire

Embrace the call of wanderlust, dear Sagittarius, and let your fashion sense be a reflection of your adventurous spirit. Sag, you are always ready for a spontaneous adventure – whether it be during your lunch hour or a last minute weekend getaway. You appreciate personal style with flexibility so the best designer bag for you is one with style oomf and room for that extra pair of shoes you may need for an unexpected invite!

Stand in your power, Capricorn, and make sure to choose a bag that can keep up with you! You appreciate style that commands respect of a room. While different occasions require different outfits, your designer bag that will take you through it all. Channel your inner boss babe, dear Capricorn, and let your fashion choices exude confidence and authority with this handbag.

Eccentric Aquarius, you love to wow people with your style but looking to try hard is not your thing. The best designer bag for you, Aquarius, is one that is effortlessly over-the-top and eye-catching, like this one.

Step into a world of enchantment, dear Pisces, and let your personal style evoke a sense of whimsy and magic. Choose designer bags that are ethereal and dreamy, with soft pastels, delicate embroideries, or flowing silhouettes. Let your accessories transport you to a realm where imagination reigns supreme like this designer handbag choice.

Celestial elegance knows no bounds, and now you can elevate your personal style by aligning it with your zodiac sign’s distinctive fashion preferences. Discover the perfect high-end designer bag that reflects your individuality and makes a celestial statement. Embrace the stars and embrace your style like never before! I hope this blogpost left stars in your eyes and chic handbags on your shoulder – XO, Cath


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  1. synergyphysiotherapyclinic
    August 9, 2023 / 12:30 pm

    This chic and innovative blog ingeniously matches designer handbag styles with zodiac signs, creating a personalized and fashionable connection. The astrological insights combined with luxury fashion choices make for a delightful read, resonating with readers who adore both style and astrology. Kudos to Cathclaire for blending two unique worlds into a stylish harmony.