#DBThruhike in Richmond with Devils Backbone

Last night, I attended the #DBthruhike Trail Magic event at the Boathouse at Rocketts Landing in Richmond, Va and if you follow me on Instagram, you saw behind the scenes on my @cathclaire instastories. This event was beer dinner but if you ask me, that doesn’t begin to give the event justice! This beer dinner was a 5 course delish meal accompanied by a view of the James River where each course was paired with not only a beer from Devils Backbone but also an enlightened explanation from the companies head brewmaster, Jason Oliver.


My husband was looking forward to attending with me but when he relayed the news that he got tied up with work, I did what any girl with 7 brothers would do and began “going down the line.” This is what I like to refer to as my infallible backup plan and involves asking each brother until someone agrees.

Did I mention that it is one of my favorite things about having an army (or baseball team) for a family?

How many did I have to ask to accompany this beer dinner? You guessed it, one. The first brother I asked, Evan  (- who is graduating from VCU in a few days – eek!, ) rearranged his plans and said yes on the spot. Guys, we had the best time! Our dad brews beer (and is pretty damn good at it, ask anyone who has tried it) and he can make any beer we ask him to with out fail. In fact, Evan has helped my dad brew several beers over the past couple of years so hearing Jason Oliver tell his stories about how he became and how he is a brewmaster was that much more interesting.


The pairings with each meal were flawless. After trying each beer at the #DBthruhike beer dinner, I would have to say that my favorite one was the Hefeweizen called “Trail Angel Weiss.” I loved hearing from Jason Oliver that this is the style of beer that inspired the Devils Backbone owners to open a brewery because this same beer, when my dad had it while traveling abroad, was one of the reasons he began to start brewing beer himself as a hobby as well.




This Bavarian-style Hefeweizen has notes of honey, banana, and clove. I LOVE the banana notes. To make this beer even better, Devils Backbone has partnered with Appalachian Trail Conservancy, a nonprofit organization, to support their mission to preserve The Appalachian Trail. For each case equivalent for the year of 2018 a portion of the proceeds while go to the ATC!

While this event was a lovely 5 course dinner, there were also crafts! I am not exactly the most crafty cathclaire in the world but I did make a bottle opener. Not only did I make a bottle opener but I thoroughly enjoyed making a bottle opener! If you told me I had a crafty bone in my body capable of doing something other than scrapbooking, I wouldn’t have believed you but hey, maybe being 30 has changed me!


And since I am a fashion blogger, don’t worry I did document what I wore and have been wearing on and off for a couple of days. This topshop dress has changed my life for the better and when I saw it at Nordstroms, two of my best friends snagged it too without even trying it on. We all love it and have already worn it several times since purchasing it on my birthday this past Friday. Here is the link to the Topshop midi off the shoulder dress  for all of my fellow black dress loving fashionistas and here is the link to the oh-so-chic M Gemi Lasso heels I am wearing.


That being said Richmond, tonight (May 9) Devils Backbone will be at Latitude Seafood Co in Midlothian and Friday (May 11) they will be at Sedona Taphouse in Shortpump. Go out and see them for crafts and beer and smores galore! And if you are located in Northern Virginia, Virginia Beach, Pittsburgh, or Cincinnati – check out this link to see when #DBthruhike will be coming to your city!

xo, Cath



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