Creative One Year Old Birthday Party Decor

Phoenix’s first birthday party was one for the books and some of my favorite memories TO DATE. I kept the party decor minimal with a simple silver colored theme and made the centerpiece a wall of printed out photos of our family over the past year. The collage wall was a BIG hit and I highly recommend making your own for your next birthday party!

creative birthday party decor cathclaire

Like most parents, Phoenix’s first birthday was SUCH an emotional day for me.

It’s like I could feel the time passing in every cell of my body while wishing it would stand still for just a few moments.

I know, I know in my rational mind – that would be hella weird if time actually stood still. It feels like just yesterday I was writing his birth story!

His first birthday made his growing up absolutely undeniable and while I am enjoying every stage, I am also trying to make sure the moments don’t pass me by! Enter: the collage wall.

DIY birthday party decor cathclaire

If there is one thing cathclaire is good at, it is taking TOO many photos. I think I have upwards of 55,000 photos on my iPhone and you can BET your bottom dollar that number has gone all the way up since having baby Phoenix! The hardest part of this collage wall is a tie between two tedious tasks: going through all of my photos over the past year and making an album of 250+ pictures to be printed out and putting scotch tape on every single one the day of the party.

Thank the lord I have friends that showed up bright and early to help me get this wall up or IDK if I would have finished it in time! This wall was quite the task but let me tell you, it was worth it x 1000 & the BEST decor piece.

If you are looking for a fun, creative way to spruce up your birthday party decor – I highly recommend doing this photo collage wall.

In this day and age, I don’t print photos out enough because we are surrounded by so many different ways of sharing them electronically! While the tech avenue of sharing photos has it’s own advantages, something about printed out photos really feel like a luxury, especially during such a special milestone.

collage wall decor birthday cathclaire blog

The collage wall made for the perfect photo opportunity too.

one year old birthday party blog

Next up on my creative birthday party decor: sticking to a color rather than a traditional theme.

There are some unique one year old party themes I saw on the internet however, I felt like a lot of them are overdone. And plus, the silver decor just spoke to me. I purchased a happy birthday sign, some silver balloons, a silver back drop for behind Phoenix’s Lalo high chair (for when he smashes his cake!), and PHOENIX silver balloons. All of these decor pieces were found on Amazon and shipped on prime. So, if you are last minute like me, these decor pieces are a great option for you!

creative ideas birthday party blog
phoenix first birthday blog
birthday party decor
phoenix birthday party decor
phoenix birthday blog
one year old party decor blog
My sister in law (she is a wedding planner at For Love of Love, she planned mine!) MADE THIS CAKE and all the cupcakes for the party! I woke up the next day and ate CUPCAKES for breakfast, I kid you not. They were such a hit and so delicious!

Last but not least, simple & metallic PARTY HATS!!! I tried my hardest to find party hats that come already put together but didn’t have any luck/ These had to be put together but they were quite the chic accessory! Phoenix had a special glittery one with a big number one on his that was on his head…sometimes. LOL

How chic are these party hats though?

one year old birthday party decor
one year old party blog cathclaire
one year old birthday
party hats amazon blog cathclaire
I had a hard time finding a dress that inspired me for the big birthday party occasion and landed on this Norma Kamali Dress from Revolve called “The Diaper Dress” How fitting for a one year old birthday party that is….still in diapers? LOL

I got this doormat out just in time for guests to arrive. How chic is it? Such a fun galantines day gift from my GF Chloe <3 and I linked it for you here, because you know you want one too!

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