Top 3 Benefits of a Cold Plunge That You Need to Dive Into Now

Welcome to another article on cathclaire – where I share all things fashion, beauty, and wellness. Today, I am bringing to you the answers one of your most asked topics on Instagram: benefits of the cold plunge. Ever since I shared the wellness products I got for my home for Christmas – you guys have been going crazy over the idea of sitting in a cold plunge outside, on the east coast, in the the Winter. Let me tell you – this concept used to be scary AF to me too but after I tried it for the first time at the Ritz Carlton in Lake Oconee, Ga, I immediately was on the hunt for my next cold plunge. Well, not immediately, because I didn’t get one until Christmas (lol) but that was because I didn’t realize there were so many budget friendly options for adding a cold plunge to your home! Here is the exact cold plunge I got for SUCH a great price and here are the accessories I use to make it as seamless as possible.

Not only is this cold plunge trend all over Instagram, but it is also a game-changer for your skin, mood, and fitness. Trust me, this is the wellness journey you never knew you needed!

Benefits of a Cold Plunge: (so far my best time is 4 mins! This is the Youtube video I listen to guiding me through Wim Hoff breathing if I need extra motivation beyond my usual Beyonce song.)

1. Glow-Up Queen: Unlock Radiant Skin Imagine stepping out of an icy plunge and feeling like you just walked off a runway – that’s the magic of the cold plunge glow-up! The chilly water stimulates circulation, giving your skin a natural, lit-from-within radiance. Forget about highlighters, darling; the cold plunge is your secret weapon for that flawless, camera-ready complexion.

2. Mood Boost Magic: Chasing Those Good Vibes We all need a mood-boosting cocktail minus the calories, right? Well, look no further than the cold plunge. Dive into the chill zone, and watch the magic happen. The cold water triggers the release of endorphins, leaving you feeling on top of the world. *~I literally feel euphoric~* Say goodbye to bad vibes after a dip in the cold plunge!

3. Fitness Finesse: Sculpting Your Body with Ease Guess what? The cold plunge isn’t just for the gram – it’s a fitness game-changer too! Bid farewell to post-workout soreness as the cold plunge becomes your go-to for muscle recovery. It’s the secret weapon to keep that body looking fierce and I’ve heard it even helps with cellulite!

Whether you’re craving that enviable glow, a mood lift that lasts, the cold plunge is where it’s at. It may seem impossible just thinking about getting into a cold plunge and it may even FEEL impossible once you get in, but trust me- you are stronger than you know! The benefits far surpass the few minutes of being oh-so-cold. Here is to frosty fabulousness in the new year, showing up as our best selves!

cold plunge necessities

Here are all of my cold plunge necessities that I use on a regular basis.

benefits of cold plunge cathclaire blog review

I hope you enjoyed this post about the benefits of cold plunging and that this at home, portable, budget friendly cold plunge is an option for you! XO, Cath


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  1. February 16, 2024 / 10:03 pm

    I’ve heard great things about doing this but I just don’t think I could bring myself to do it!

    Corinne x