Chic Black Flats for Summer

I have found myself choosing black flats over my beloved heels more often than not over the course of the recent months and that, my friend, is a statement from cathclaire. I LOVE to wear heels – regardless of where I am going or the occasion – and to switch them out for flats used to seem sacrilegious! Not anymore. Can you blame me with the array of chic black flats that I have found while online shopping? I have linked a variety of black flats for you – from designer flats to pairs under 100 dollars.

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Regardless of which pair you like best, these black flats will pair perfectly with anything you have in your summer wardrobe. From jeans to dresses, you can’t go wrong with a chic black flat. Shop away, bbs!

Designer Black Fashionable Flat Sandals:

Black Fashionable Flat Sandals Under $100:

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