Cath Claire Classic

Yes, I am a serial outfit repeater but I do it in the name of love.

I know it is common practice among fashionistas to build a wadrobe and an outfit around classic pieces. Maybe its the trendy allure of the closet of a French woman, the miminalist movement, or the idea of an investment never going out of style, but I have never been one to successfully carry out the classic-closet-thing. Classic-cathclaire-thing maybe, but not a closet full of classic pieces.

As a girl full of opinions loosely held, before we go any further, let me just disclaim that I will never turn down a classic quilted Chanel bag. I just mean that when I say something is a cathclaire-classic, it is a matter of personal preference rather than popular opinion. For example, this ASOS dress today is a cathclaire-classic and admittedly, worn in  a previous post. Maybe too memorable for some to wear more than once but you can’t always help what you fall in love with – right gals?


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