Boketto Wellness: A Modern Apothecary with Amazing Facials in Richmond

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I visited Boketto Wellness, a modern apothecary in the Fan of Richmond, last weekend and had an amazing 90 min (!!!) facial experience. This magical establishment on Vine is owned by a lovely soul named Jelena, who is an acupuncturist and a lover of living the most natural life. Not only is this apothecary full of a beautiful selection of products for pantry, body, and home, but Boketto also offers facials, acupuncture, naturopathy, and massage. Talk about a hidden gem!

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I had my facial with Anne Dietrich who is a massage therapist and an esthetician. She used Marie Veronique products on me exclusively, which I loved. Anne tailors each facial to the needs of her clients and for mine, I told her about my love for rich creams. She created my facial regimen accordingly and I left there not only feeling glowy, but restored. I especially appreciated how Anne focuses on lymph drainage during her facials, adding elements of massage therapy. I cannot say enough good things about this amazing facial experience right here in Richmond at Boketto Wellness off of Vine street! Highly, highly recommend.

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Not only did I leave Boketto with some face products but I also left wishing for many more. *Can the universe please send me the entire Marie Veronique line..thank you* I especially love the H is for Love Pollen Illuninating Mist linked here. I am a sucker for mists and this one has colloidal silver, rose hydrosol with aloe, and witch hazel to keep your skin balanced and glowing. If you don’t live in Richmond or have plans to travel to the river city, fear not because Boketto also has an online store. Check it out here. (PS Free shipping on orders over $100, bbs!)

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