Blush Tones + The Clean Program

Blush tones are usually something I balk at, but I have been seeing them all over the blogosphere – and what can I say, I am persuaded. Ok thats a lie, the real reason I am into blush tones is because of the Glossier packaging. Let’s face it, a girl can find inspiration anywhere these days. Speaking of Glossier, how big of a girl boss is Emily Weiss (creator and founder of Glossier)? I recently read that she did the 21 Day Clean Program cleanse prior to her wedding day and well, since I’m engaged, I figured I had to give it a whirl as well.

After lotsa warm weather and days of Rosè consumption, I expected a 21 day cleanse in August to be a daunting task because…..who turns down a glass of chilled Rosè in August? Day 2 was a little emotional (“wedding planning” is a biotch) but, I am reporting from Day 5 and dare I say I feel like a rockstar with a side of Emily Weiss #girlboss. Watch out people, I might be developing a multi million dollar company in these 21 days.

PS If watching my journey on a 21 Day Cleanse doesn’t make you want to follow me (@cathclaire) on Snapchat, then I do not know what will.


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