Black Friday: Designer Handbags for an Additional Discount

Whether you are shopping for a loved one or for yourself this Black Friday, don’t let this Rebag designer handbag sale go unnoticed. This sale stopped me in my tracks – literally – I stopped what I was doing and looked for every designer handbag I own or WANT to own. They are offering an additional 20% off every item on their site and don’t worry I checked, Cartier is included. YES, they have jewelry too.

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Rebag is a luxury handbag and designer resale company that currently has every handbag on my Christmas list. From Saint Laurent to that Dior tote we are all in love with, there is something for everybody’s style. What I love most about my designer bags is the oomf they give to every outfit I wear. And I am not talking about high end outfits that cost just as much as the designer bag – I am talking about any outfit at any price point. Whether I am in my Amazon workout clothes or my favorite H&M sweater, my designer handbag elevates every look I pair it with and it will do the same for you!

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Louis Vuitton:

Saint Laurent (YSL):

Christian Dior:



Cartier & other accessories: (PS – I found a Louis Vuitton key ring. My friends and I all have a version of this!)

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The price tag for these bags can be intimidating and that is why I recommend getting designer handbags secondhand. This additional 20% (with code HOLIDAY til 11/29/21) off for Black Friday makes buying that designer bag you have had your eye on SO much sweeter. Have you added your favorite bag from Rebag to your gift list yet? Please tell me you have at least texted it as a gift idea to someone in your Contacts. Spread the love because this Black Friday sale is massive and has more than enough designer styles to go around!

Cathclaire Rebag faves:

As you guys know, my take on Black Friday and Cyber Week has always been to GET THINGS THAT NEVER GO ON SALE and designer bags is def one of those things. I hope this post was helpful for you and your Black Friday shopping! Like I said, spread the love (aka the word on this amazing sale) because it is a good one.

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