Best Designer Bags Under $2,000 for Spring

Although compact, these fashion designer bags under $2000 for Spring will make the perfect designer statement for any look. Whether you are going to an elegant event or shopping during the day, these bags have got you covered.

designer bag under 1000

Don’t get any crazy ideas – these bags are not very big because, well, the bigger ones are over $1000. A bummer, I know.

Regardless of the size, is there anything more exciting than designer bags? I will never forget my first designer bag. It was under $2,000 and it was a Louis Vuitton Speedy 30 when I was a freshman in college.

Pictured above: Cathclaire in college – brand new Speedy 30, skinnier, and lover of blurry duck face photos. To stay updated with my latest duck face photos – follow ‘cathclaire‘ or ‘thecrystalpress‘ on Instagram.

I used that bag everyday for 3 years. THREE YEARS. My parents could not understand how one could spend so much money on a purse. Not only how could I, but why WOULD I? My grandparents, forget about it. In fact – I’m sure some of you reading this right now think spending that kind of a money on a bag is insane. That’s okay too. For me – it didn’t matter what anyone said, I loved that bag – even now, in all of it’s falling apart glory. Disclaimer: My Speedy 30 did not fall apart because it was faulty but because I used it every single day as a college student and well, didn’t take the best care of it. I think I even threw it towards someone once. JK. If you get a designer bag, take care of it kids.

Most of the bags I have rounded up are compact like I mentioned – however, I have added the Saint Laurent Shopper – the biggest bag on the list – to this blogpost and it rings in at $1300. I have been looking at this bag for a couple of weeks but, since I have the Louis Vuitton largest Neverfull that serves the same purpose I would use this shopper for- I think I need to stick to that for now. If you are looking for the biggest bang for your buck – the Saint Laurent Shopper is my pick for you!

saint laurent designer bag shopper
There is a “East West” Shopper that is wider and a “North South” shopper that is longer by Saint Laurent. (Both are included in this blogpost)
designer bags under 2k cathclaire fashion

And, if you don’t want to spend all that money on a bag – get some Chanel perfume that comes with a bow and wear it in your hair for similar effect seen below. (I wore this on my Miami trip – deets here)

designer cathclaire fashion blog
cathclaire fashion blog


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  1. May 30, 2019 / 9:14 am

    Very nice looking style, very nice blue dress!
    I like this style the most and want to try this type of clothes.
    This is very suitable for fat girls! I have been unable to find the right clothes because of my size, and now I have a new choice.
    My favorite color is blue.
    and your hairstyle i s very good !
    Like your blog, thank you for sharing.