Baby S Gender Reveal

Kevin and I are over the moon to announce that we are having a baby BOY in February. I’ll be honest, for the first few weeks – I 100% thought it was a girl and so did it everyone in my family. It was a huge surprise when the doctor told us we were having a boy, albeit a good one.

I get tears in my eyes when I see how FREAKING cute baby boy clothes are. Have you guys seen what is available on Zara, H&M and Gucci (obvi)? The options are endless. Let’s hope this little guy is cooperative in my dressing and fashion obsession!

I think God knew what he was doing when he made Baby S a boy. I grew up with 7 younger brothers – yes changing diapers and babysitting them – so the fact that Baby S is a boy eases me into this motherhood thing nicely. Let’s hope, at least. And let’s also hope that this baby gets my husbands good looks. <3

PS Thank you all for all of your tips and help on Instagram lately. From the best maternity leggings to help with picking strollers, your tips have been LIFE SAVERS.

PPS – The ASOS dress + headband I am wearing are linked!


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