August Favorites

Frozen Kodiak Protein Waffles: I love every flavor they carry at my local Fresh Market: Vanilla + Buttermilk, Choc Chip, and Blueberry. Add strawberries, banana, and monk fruit syrup and enjoy magic on a plate. I am obsessed w the fact that these have 12 g of protein in them while managing to taste so yummy. They keep me full for hours! If you don’t like frozen waffles, try their pancake/waffle mix here.

Chamomile, Vanilla, and Honey Tea before bed – feels like such a luxury without the price tag! I love the blend, it satisfies my sweet tooth without the sugar component !

Funny Bunny OPI Dip Powder: I have been wearing white non-stop on my nails for years now. I’ve experimented with many different options and almost every experiment ends in YELLOW tinted nails. Nothing irritates me more than yellow tinted nails when they are supposed to be white. From gel manis to regular manis, white always changes color. NOT WITH FUNNY BUNNY DIP! It lasts for weeks before getting too dingy and that is a true WIN in my book. Here is the polish link.

Becca Under Eye Corrector: Similar to my aversion to white nails turning yellow is dark circles covered up with white concealer – aka GRAY under eyes. But how do you cover up your under eye circles, you ask? With a colored concealer or under eye corrector my friends! I have a couple of products that I like but I recently discovered this Becca under eye corrector ( I get the natural finish) and it works like a charm. I love the dewy texture and the color really brightens your under eye area without looking too grey. I swear it is like a good nights sleep in a JAR. Highly recommend getting the matching setting powder as well, bbs.

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Living Libations Best Skin Ever Rose from Boketto in Richmond: Can be used as a gentle cleanser, exfoliator, or body lotion. I use it on my face as a cleanser at night and it feels SO nice. It leaves my skin feeling nourished rather than stripped, like some cleansers tend to do. I love anything rose and this particular product uses 60 roses just for one drop of the magical radiant rose otto.

I hope you guys enjoyed my August favorites. I can’t believe we are almost to SEPTEMBER. Where is the TIME going. Like, literally. Where is it. LMK> XO


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