Are Golden Goose Sneakers Worth It?

Are Golden Goose sneakers worth it is a question I get often for lots of reasons, one being that I wear my glitter Super-star sneakers more often than not. To cut to the chase, I am going to say yes and here is why I think Golden Goose Sneakers are worth it. My favorite places to shop for Golden Goose Sneakers are Nordstrom, Shopbop, Revolve, and Netaporter.

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I had Golden Goose Sneakers on several Christmas lists, but they never made the final cut.

I had various styles of the trendy Golden Goose sneaks on my Christmas list a couple years in a row – but I always ended up crossing them off before revealing my list to anyone. I had never tried on a pair of Golden Goose sneakers during this time and while I did like how each pair was so unique, the price tag was hard for me to swallow for a pair of sneakers.

As time went on and the power of persuasion did it’s thing (aka I saw these sneakers everywhere!), I decided to get myself a pair for a combination of a push present (see my birth story here) and a birthday present. I came across the only pair I have about 2 years ago and couldn’t be more obsessed. I LOVE the sequins and the fact that not a single one has fallen off – which, if you are a lover of sequin things, you know this can be a rarity!

The high quality of Golden Goose Sneakers is evident once you put a pair on your feet.

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When my Golden Goose sneaks arrived from Nordstrom, I opened the package with skepticism. I even tried them on with skepticism. But, once I looked in down at these sneaks and saw them in my full body mirror – it clicked as to why this brand is so trendy and has such a cult following. They are not only good looking but they are also so flattering on your legs. There is a hidden platform in the superstar style and I am a big fan of this aspect. It is the main reason I always wear these sneaks with my jean shorts – regardless of if I am in a dressy top or a shirt with holes in it. They elongate my legs, are uber comfortable, and SO durable.

The durability and unique style of Golden Goose Sneakers make them worth the cost.

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I wish I could give you an exact number of how many times I have worn my only pair of Golden Goose Sneakers but what I can tell you is that it is alot. They are just as comfy as ever and look as good as the day I got them. Keep in mind- I am chasing a toddler around most of my day- so they have endured a lot.

If you are on the fence about Golden Goose Sneakers, I recommend trying them on. This made all the difference for me once I could fit them into my budget.

I hope this helps you decide whether or not Golden Goose Sneakers are worth it to you and if they are, I hope you find the perfect pair for your style and your lifestyle. My favorite places to shop for Golden Goose Sneakers are Nordstrom, Shopbop, Revolve, and Netaporter.

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  1. Anne-Stuart
    November 11, 2021 / 2:27 am

    Let me chime in on durable. I accidentally found myself hiking down a mountain in Lisbon in these and I was just fine.

    • cathclaire
      November 15, 2021 / 5:33 pm

      Could not agree more. Golden Goose are SOOOO durable. Your testimonial is chic AF! <3 XO, Cath