My Skincare Review of Agent Nateur

Whether you are in the mood to mix up your skincare routine or need motivation to take care of you skin with high quality products, Agent Nateur is a great way to level up your skin care regimen! See other beauty recommendations from me here.

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Back in April, my skin got uncharacteristically dry and flakey. I turned to my skincare guru (my BFF Alex) and she directed me to Agent Nateur. She brought over her personal container of Agent Nateur eye serum and I haven’t looked back since. Her products have completely transformed my skin and are super luxe, just how I like my skincare products. I cannot say enough good things about Agent Nateur.

Since this occasion, I have tested and consistently used the Holi (oil) Youth Serum, Holi (Glow) Eye Serum, the Holi (water) Pearl and Rose Hyaluronic Toner, the Holi (c), the Holi (stick) No 3 Deodorant, the Holi (skin) Shave Oil, and the Holi (stick) sensitive deodorant. As you can see, I have been very much on board with Jena Covello’s high quality products. Her products are perfectly balanced with luxury and amazing ingredients.

Why did I include 2 deodorants in my “tested” out product list above, you ask? Let me tell ya:

I am really drawn to the eucalyptus scent of the No 3 Deodorant, however, I reacted adversely to the baking soda component in the ingredients. I then ordered the sensitive deodorant and it works like a charm with out causing me any irritation! It has a floral jasmine scent and who doesn’t love the smell of jasmine?

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I also have to highlight how WELL her all natural deodorant works. I have tried many different kinds of natural deodorants in the past that kept me stinky no matter WHAT and Agent Nateur’s deodorants knock all it completely out of the park by freshening up my pits, not being sticky, and being all natural.

Another thing I would like to add is that the shave oil is divine. I get a much closer shave, don’t get any ingrown hairs, and my skin feels SO moisturized when I get out of the shower. This is definitely a mainstay in my skincare routine for now and moving forward.

In terms of my face skincare routine, I use the Holi (oil) and Holi (glow) Eye serum morning and night. I alternate using the rose toner every other day with the Holi (c). I think these are a great combination and just knowing how particular Jena Covello is about her ingredients gives me even more enthusiasm about using her products. If you are in the market for any skincare, I highly recommend checking out Agent Nateur for you skincare routine.

If you don’t want to pull the trigger on all the full size products I listed above, you can try the travel size of what Jena calls the Holi (trinity) for $135 here. (It includes the Holi (oil), Holi (water), and Holi (c))

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