I never set out to be a manifestation guide – or anything of the sorts

My heart has always been in personal style. 

My resume includes various jobs in fashion, fashion blogging, and business management.

While the concept of personal style gets overgeneralized as fashion, to me – personal style is so much more than the clothes we choose to wear in this 3D reality. 

Your handwriting.

Your morning routine.

The smell of your home.

The way you hug.

I do not take personal style lightly but I love to hold space to fill your personal style, inside & out, with light.

I believe personal style is every single thought expressed by a single soul.

Things started to really change for me when I got my Reiki Certification 7 years ago. It’s like everything started to click. I had to share my manifesting tools that had been secret weapons in my life for so long  with my inner circle and the world. 

So, here I am, following the call of my soul, as the manifestation guide.

I believe personal style is inclusive and not exclusive of metaphysical concepts of manifestation.

Your dreams.

Your deepest desires.

Your energy.

If you have read this far in my about me page, maybe you believe in the depth of personal style too. One that includes your dreams and doesn’t just involve “adding to cart” or your physical body type.

Let’s give your personal style – and your dreams – a pair of wings. You can work with me personally by signing up for one of my courses (I have one on Manifesting and one on creating abundance in your life by creating a blog of your own, on your own terms) or if you aren’t quite ready to make that kind of commitment (even though there is magic in making that first step), check out some of my most popular blogposts about enhancing your manifesting super powers on here.

Thank you for stopping by in my Universe.



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Cathclaire is a graduate of Virginia Tech’s Pamplin School of Business and spends most of her time in Richmond, Los Angeles, and New York City. After her work with various showrooms and her time as a stylist at Saks Fifth Avenue, she began curating The Crystal Press and Cathclaire. As a fashion stylist, writer, reiki practioner, + makeup artist, Cathclaire believes that every moment should be savored, shared, and styled and hopes to inspire anyone who comes across her content to do the same. Since it’s launch, The Crystal Press has been featured by companies such as Target, Lauren Conrad, Southern Living, and Forever 21. To work with Catherine, please contact: hello@thecathclaire.com.