Have you ever looked at someone and loved their outfit so much – your love quickly turned into envy and all the sudden you were yearning to be wearing that same. exact. outfit?

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You may be thinking “What kind of business does a five year old have with outfit envy?” and while this question is valid, I have no answer for you except for idk, it just happened. 

Yes, five, sitting in a circle because Mrs. Applebee had instructed my kindergarten class to do so. I looked across the circle at my classmate, Abby, and my wondering about why we were sitting in the shape of a circle on the floor on the first day of school was stopped abruptly with the thought: “Wow, I wish I had gotten dressed and wore what Abby wore today.” That is when my love of all things fashion came to the forefront of my conscious mind. 

My five year old outfit envy has blossomed into plethora of things, one being a fashion blogger who meditates and shops a lot.

about cathclaire

I hope this cathclaire community inspires you to wear something you’ve been eyeing but unsure to rock and to roll with your dream life, like that soul inside of you has been telling you all along. Kinda like mine tried to tell me with outfit envy when I was five. Can you imagine if I started blogging at age 5? I feel like I would DEF have a birkin by now. Oh, I didn’t mention? That’s on my bucket list. 

I digress…

I love you and I mean it and I think of all my readers in my daily meditations. What does that mean? It means I’m sending you magic once a day from my little room in Richmond, VA.

Remember to rock and roll. Xo Cath

Cathclaire is a graduate of Virginia Tech’s Pamplin School of Business and spends most of her time in Richmond, Los Angeles, and New York City. After her work with various showrooms and her time as a stylist at Saks Fifth Avenue, she began curating The Crystal Press and Cathclaire. As a fashion stylist, writer, reiki practioner, + makeup artist, Cathclaire believes that every moment should be savored, shared, and styled and hopes to inspire anyone who comes across her content to do the same. Since it’s launch, The Crystal Press has been featured by companies such as Target, Lauren Conrad, Southern Living, and Forever 21. For makeup pricing, Reiki, or styling inquiries, please contact: hello@thecathclaire.com.