A Magical Baby Shower at The Quirk Hotel

If you are looking for a venue for a baby or bridal shower, look no further than the Quirk Hotel in Richmond, Va. The service is impeccable and the aesthetic is 100% on point. Read on for chic ideas for baby shower decor and baby shower favor ideas.

baby shower decor ideas

I can’t start this recap of my baby shower at the Quirk Hotel without a humongous thank you to my two cousins, Nicole and Danielle. They came into town for Thanksgiving and orchestrated the most heart warming (and absolutely chic in every way) baby shower, I could hardly stand it without crying like a baby myself! Thank you guys so, so much.

quirk hotel baby shower

Like I said, my cousins hosted a fabulous baby shower at the Quirk Hotel for lunch and champagne. The menu was fabulous – everyone was ewing and awing over their lunch order – and the service was beyond accommodating.

cathclaire baby shower quirk
baby shower inspiration

Once we finished lunch, their was a delicious fruit cake from Syndigz to go around while I opened presents from my close family and friends. All my Richmonders – have you had the Shyndigz fruit cake? If you haven’t, I highly advise that you go there ASAP and try a slice. There is nothing in the world like it.

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baby shower favor ideas
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Can we talk about how cute this decor is? I love the star, moon, and baby sparkly confetti with the gold striped straws! And you can bet I got a close up of these baby shower favors – I can’t get over how perfect they are.

Shop baby confetti for your baby shower here:

“Pop the bubbly when Catherine pops” tags equipped with a small bottle of La Marca and a straw. My favor is in my hospital bag as we speak, patiently waiting for the arrival of Baby S.

I hope this gave you some inspiration for planning your baby shower and thank you again to my cousins for throwing this magical party for me and Baby S!

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