98 Degrees at Christmas Tour Review with Cathclaire

If you all the sudden feel like you are the most obsessed-with-Christmas person in the room like me this season  (and by all the sudden I mean I didn’t always used to be like this) – you have GOT to go see 98 Degrees on their Christmas tour.

Even if you aren’t obsessed with holiday cheer and think you MIGHT enjoy this beautiful performance or are the least bit curious about how Nick Lachey’s face looks lately IRL, don’t think twice. Don’t think twice and go get yourself a ticket if they are touring anywhere near you.  You will thank me later because the whole time you will feel like dancing (and you will dance) AND you will feel like you are drinking a cup of the best hot coco you have ever had (in reality, it’s a Bud Light.) See the video proof below:

A little recap:

Last night I went to this concert with a bunch of my girlfriends and sister for the ideal night on the town during the holiday season: drinks + best friends + live Christmas pop music. We all met at Juleps on Grace Street in Richmond to catch some happy hour cocktails (yes, this lovely restaurant has happy hour from 5-7!) within walking distance of the Carpenter Center, where the 98 degrees concert was. I ordered the Champagne Julep that wasn’t on happy hour because I couldn’t resist it and I was very thrilled with my drink of choice. It was a concoction of mint, bubbles, and fresh berries. Highly recommend.

I have BARELY been able to contain my excitement about this evening for weeks so luckily the Champagne cocktail and the great company took my attention off the clock and before I knew it, we were walking to the concert. The marquee outside of the venue was what dreams are made of and not to mention, the perfect Instagrammable moment. Hey, I’m not ashamed to admit that is how my brain works sometimes.

Back to the concert deets: This talented boy band quartet (I’m looking at you Nick Lachey, Drew Lachey, Jeffrey Timmons, and Justin Jeffreys) will knock your Christmas socks off with their harmonies and their clever set list that includes the top 98 degrees hits, Christmas Jams, “Let it Go” from Frozen, and even a song from Lion King. All with choreographed dances and um.. Nick. Lachey.

As I conclude this post, I would also like to add that I have spent my morning stalking Vanessa Lachey and their 3 beautiful children. I plan to go even deeper by stalking Nick in a different way: watching old Newlyweds episodes. Did I mention that you should go see 98 Degrees at Christmas in concert?

This post is not sponsored by 98 Degrees but if they would like to sponsor me – my email is hello@thecathclaire.com


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