7 Beauty Products I Actually Ran Out Of

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While there is nothing worse than running out of a beauty product you fell in love with, there is something to be said about the products that we repurchase. I have always been intrigued by other peoples/ bloggers makeup bags so I wanted to share with you guys what I’ve been repurchasing as of late. Shoot me a message with any beauty products I need to try, I am what you would call -addicted- to trying all of the beauty things! x

1. Creme de La Mer: It’s no secret how big of a fan I am of Creme de La Mer. I am a sucker for the miracle broth (more details about that here) and for the ultra-rich consistency of this cream. I have dry skin with occasional breakouts and you would think wearing a heavy cream throughout the year would be a no no – but this jar of magic balances my skin. I always have a pot of it handy, regardless of what products I am trying for the blog and The Crystal Press! Side note: I also love the way it mixes with my go-to Tarte foundation.

2. Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-hr Foundation: I love the way this Tarte foundation lays on my skin. It looks better the longer you leave it on your face, riddle me that? The Amazonian clay that is in this foundation is said to be “skin-smart” and has the ability to adjust to your skin type regardless of whether yours is dry, oily, or a combination of the two.  I recommend this foundation religiously and I have yet to get a bad review in response to this recommendation!

3. Dessange Paris California Brass Color Correcting Cream: I cannot stand any bit of yellow in my hair so I am addicted to this Dessange color correcting cream. It is a super concentrated treatment with lots of blue & purple tones to cover up that icky brassiness that happens to blondes in between hair appointments. The best part? It doesn’t smell like shimmering lights or whatever that purple shampoo is. lol

4. Becca Shimmering Pressed Highlighter: This creamy powder is from the heavens. I use it whenever I put makeup on and CAN NOT finish my face without it. I love the way it applies and creates the perfect shimmer on your face. I highly recommend this highlighter!

5. OPI “Alpine Snow” Nail Polish + Seche Vite fast drying top coat: I am sure you guys are surprised by this one but hey, I am just being honest. I paint my nails white like it is going out of style and it has been a consistent staple in my look for over a year now. I love the way it pops in photos and the contrast it provides to my usual black outfits!

6. NYX color corrector in yellow: Color correcting concealers are all of the hype right now and while color correctors come in every shape, size, and price point – this NYX one has been a staple in my makeup bag for 5+ years. I use it as a concealer under my eyes to cancel out purple tones in my dark circles. I love this NYX formula because it is emollient and a light texture, which I prefer for the delicate skin under eyes. I always have a pot in my purse for touchups between meetings and events and whatever else is on my schedule!

PS: You guys are lucky because they sell this elusive color corrector at Target now. I used to have to go to ULTA exclusively for this pot of gold!

7. Exfolikate by Kate Somerville: I have dry skin like I mentioned in my love for La Mer earlier in this blogpost and that being said, one of my saving graces is this exfoliator by Kate Somerville. Exfoliators are usually something you can’t use too close to an event due to harshness but this exfoliator gives you that glow in a record amount of time. I carry a small size of exfolikate with me whenever I travel and I make a point to use it before events. Products sink in better and my skin loves me so much more when I am using this Kate Somerville product regularly. They don’t call it the “Hollywood 2-Minute Facial” for nothin’ kids.


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