5 Things I Bought When I First Found Out I Was Pregnant

When I found out I was pregnant, I bought 5 things that I have continued to use and love. If you are looking for some suggestions for the beginning of your pregnancy journey, this blogpost is for you!

  1. Garden of Life Prenatal One A Day Multivitamin with Folate:  I am very picky about supplements and usually get all of my advice on this subject from Ana Raika at Inphinite Wellness. She recommended Garden of Life Prenatals and I have loved them so far! They are vegan, gluten free, non-GMO verified whole food multivitamins with NO synthetic binders or fillers. Also, a plus has lemon and ginger added to help fight nausea!
  2. The Pregnancy Project by Tracy Anderson: I am obsessed with this set of 9 workouts by the legend – Tracy Anderson – for each month of pregnancy. Tracy said she gained a lot of weight and had a hard time losing it with her first child at age 22 so when she got pregnant in her 30s, she wanted to come up with a protocol to keep her body physically fit. Rumor has it with these workouts that support pregnancy, she snapped back into shape in 11 weeks!
  3. Ganni Seersucker Midi Dress: I treated myself to this Ganni dress in 2 sizes too big because it looks like the perfect black dress for a fashionable pregnancy and 2 sizes up basically makes it maternity, right?
  4. Bringing Up Bebè by Pamela Druckerman: The most chic book on motherhood. Hypnobirthing, The Mongan Method: The closest thing I could find to meditating and making child birth not so scary thanks to some great recs from my friends!
  5. Jao All Over Goe Body Oil: I remember Kevin offering to take me shopping to see if it would make me feel better when I was nauseous AF. We wandered around Need Supply for awhile and I couldn’t find anything that made me feel better except for this body oil. I figured it would be amazing for my growing tummy (which it is) AND the smell helped with my nausea. All of my other perfumes and lotions I had collected pre-pregnancy were unbearable and this Jao oil was (and still is!) a lifesaver. This oil is chalk full of good ingredients aka 28 natural plant, fruit, and flower oils. It’s smells lovely and feels great on your skin!

jao body oil tummy pregnancy
tracy Anderson pregnancy

What are your go-to products for pregnancy? Like I said in my pregnancy announcement, this is my first time so I would love all of your insight! XO


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