5 Reasons I Love Color Wow Supernatural Spray

If you are a busy women who enjoys the glamorous process of getting ready but don’t always have the time you need for FULL glam, this product review of Color Wow’s Dreamcoat Supernatural Spray is for you.

Color Wow Dreamcoat Supernatural Spray is a haircare product that I have been eyeing for weeks. I was hesitant to purchase because of the price point and because I tend to be a sucker for products involved in the oh-so-fun process of getting ready and have been duped by this category’s advertising more times than I can count. (Hence why I have a blog basically about shopping L O L)

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OK – if you want the cliff notes of cathclaire’s review of the Color Wow Dreamcoat, I effing love it (click here for more beauty faves.) If you want to read further to discover the 5 Reasons I love it- let’s get into it.

First and foremost, I am all about optimizing my life.

When it comes to my glam routine (makeup and hair), I value products and rituals that save me time and make getting ready for the day or an event easier. This usually looks like a product that can do double-duty and Color WOW Supernatural Spray fits the bill – it works as a heat protectant AND a dreamcoat for your hair.

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Secondly, its frizz fighting properties makes your at-home-blowout look salon worthy.

IDK about you but I am not great at blowing my own hair out and this product made me feel (and look) otherwise. My hair was frizz free after I activated the product with a blow dryer and tension on towel dried hair.

Before you start thinking that ‘this product is too much of a hassle for your strenuous duty of washing and doing your hair’, let’s move onto the third reason I love this Color Wow product: it last 3-4 washes.

YES. After your first tension filled blow out where you liberally applied this product to your sections of hair, you can potentially not have to use it again for another few washes. Of course this depends on your hair type and what not, but what a selling point. This benefit of the Color Wow product alone sold me and continues to sell me on it’s efficiency and the price point.

The fourth reason I love this product is that it makes your hair feel weightless and feathery so that you can preserve volume at the root.

I am a big fan of volume in my hair.

cathclaire hair color wow

Last but not least, the fifth reason I love this product is that it is humidity proofing and glossifying.

Is there anything else we could ask for in a product that you only have to use every few washes? Talk about glam routine optimization AND building confidence in your very own blow out skills. There is also a version of this product for curly hair.

I hope the 5 reasons why I love Color Wow’s Dreamcoat helps you in making your decision about this hair product and has the potential to possibly simplify your own haircare routine. For more of my Amazon beauty finds (like I said, I tend to shop and review ALOT), shop my faves here. I also post a lot of product reviews and whatnot on my Instagram stories. Follow along on @cathclaire.


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