5 Powerful Journal Prompts for Self Love & Manifesting

Are you trying to establish a journaling habit but don’t know where to begin? Journaling is a very personal process that can be jump started with some powerful prompts to get your creative juices flowing. Here are 5 journaling prompts for self love and manifesting that will help you establish a strong habit!

journal prompts for self love manifesting

Chunk it down, what are 3 actionable steps you can take towards your dreams right now? And by right now I mean: from where you are, with what you have, today.

What are 3 negative thoughts that stand between you and your dreams?While you are journaling, become familiar with these thought blocks and vow to give these negative thoughts less power over you. PS – Just writing them down will diminish their power. See more on that topic here.

Write about your day as if it were a movie. Embellish this post, have fun with it, and make yourself the star (because you are).

What are 4 things you are grateful for and why? Get really specific about the why part on this journaling prompt. Gratitude is the key to unlocking your abundance. The longer you can linger in gratitude, the stronger the manifesting vibes.

Write a love letter to yourself. Self love is a mental muscle that requires exercise. Let’s work that self love muscle today by writing a love letter to yourself and let’s make it a habit.

I hope these journaling prompts helped you get your thoughts onto paper and to work your self love and manifesting muscles. For tips on how to be consistent with journaling, check out my blogpost here.

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