5 High Vibe Cyber Weekend Sales for Personal Improvement

I have been perusing the Cyber Weekend sales for hours and hours and these are the ones that are the best for manifesting and personal improvement. What better time to combine consumption with personal improvement than during Cyber Weekend when these arguably life-changing products are on sale! From a digital Dash planner to Dr. Joe Dispenza guided meditations, my favorite manifesting and life improvement tools are on sale.

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First off, BrainTap – the headset that enhances manifesting powers – is offering a sale on the headset and app combo. In the BrainTap app, there are several different bundles for purchase (such as Wellness, Wake Up, Sleep) and there is different User levels.

The best BrainTap app user level is PRO. When you are a Power user within the BrainTap app, you receive access to 700+ BrainTap sessions. Yes, you read that right – you have 700 options to improve your brains fitness and supercharge your learning, skillset, and manifesting powers.

There are sessions featuring Wim Hof breathing (doing this guided breathing with the benefits of the BrainTap headset at the same time is MAGICAL), for learning different languages, for pain relief, for Women and many other life improvement sessions. So far, one of my favorite one of my favorite BrainTap sessions in the Power User level is (based on one of my favorite books) called “The Magic of Thinking Big.” It is 35 minutes long and is a super-learning method that teaches your the success points in this famous book by David Schwartz and trains your brain to follow your dreams, in a BIG way. Check out more about BrainTap here.

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Dash Planner – I am very particular about planners and in my particularity, have used just about every planner under the sun.

So far, Dash Planner is my favorite digital planner that I have used and I am re-purchasing this Cyber weekend for 2022 because all of their products are 30% off! The discount will automatically be applied at checkout.

I use the Dash Planner on my iPad air (grab it at Walmart or Amazon for best price this weekend) with my Apple Pencil and love the genius hyperlinked years, months, weeks, and days for easy jumping around in this digital Dash Planner. My brain is constantly in creative mode so I find it super helpful that this planner is easy to add notes in various forms (daily tasks, weekly tasks, monthly etc) and includes templates for other pages that you can add in your planner as needed. The iPad Air with apple pencil makes using this planner even more fun because I can erase as needed without ugly pen mistakes all over my pages!

Bluehost – Kick start creation in your life with your very own website or blog

Bluehost is the best way to start a website and Cyber Weekend is the best time to purchase server space to build and host your website. Right now, you can get your first year with manifest money full moon cathclaire

If you are interested in not only starting a blog but taking it to the next level with ME and my business partner (Rebecca Piersol, my other half at The Crystal Press – a fashion blog that has over 40k followers and impressions monthly) – sign up for our class called Blogging on Your Own Terms with the code MANIFESTABUNDANCE for 30% off – this weekend only.

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Dr. Joe Dispenza – Dr. Joe is having a site wide sale (20% off!) this weekend on all digital products which includes everything from his guided meditations to his foundational online courses. To make the deal even sweeter, he just released his 15 min. meditations called The Generating Series. Get out of your comfort zone and create a new reality for yourself with these products from Dr. Joe Dispenza.

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Lululemon Workout Gear: If you haven’t noticed, the theme of this Cyber Weekend sale post is gifts that keep on giving – whether they are gifts for yourself or someone else in your life. Lululemon workout gear is some of the best and there is nothing that will get me off the couch faster than a great workout outfit. Grab their classic Align leggings or a high quality sports bra for your next workout discounted this weekend. Check out the deals here.

Last but not least – Amazon Kindle: I bought a Kindle last year on Black Friday and I love how much easier it is to read on in the sun and at night. Improve your mind and your reading experience by grabbing your own Kindle on super sale this weekend on Amazon.

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Here are some other Cyber Weekend Deals I am loving:

Happy Cyber weekend, I hope these deals that focus on life improvement and manifesting are helpful for you! XO

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