Best TV Shows To Stream Online That Are Cathclaire Approved

Looking for a binge-worthy show to stream online in a world with so many choices? I am no TV buff, but here are my TV recs!

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I rarely get sucked into a TV show. On one *more mature* hand,  I would rather be meditating / reading / shopping than staring at a television and on the other *not so mature* hand, I don’t need another excuse to not get things done. But on the occasion that I get into a show, I REALLY get into it – nothing lukewarm about it.

The other day, a couple of my lady friends were chatting after a Cinebistro trip and Rebecca mentioned that she doesn’t usually enjoy the same shows that I do but was pleasantly surprised about the fact that she has recently gotten hooked on Girlfriends Guide to Divorce! Our TV show convo reminded me that I had wanted to share the shows that I have found binge-worthy with you guys after how much you loved my Christmas Movie Netflix post.  Whether it is a friend texting me asking if I have any new shows or your responses to my Insta-stories about my personal TV watching, I figured the Universe is trying to tell me to share. If you have decision fatigue in the online streaming world where there are endless opportunities to watch one million different things, check out this post!

  1. The Arrangement on E! – It has been “said” that this is loosely based on the narrative surrounding Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes’ relationship. Regardless, I can’t get enough of this Hollywood Drama.
  2. Billions on Showtime – I look forward to this every Sunday night. I can’t decide if Axelrod or Wendy is my favorite character but every episode is so juicy!
  3. Girlfriends Guide to Divorce on Bravo – This show follows Abby McCarthy, a self-help guru, and her gal pals around SoCal. My favorite character in this show is Phoebe. Don’t worry, there are 5 seasons of this so it won’t end too fast aka a TV bingers worst nightmare LOL
  4. Netflix 13 Reasons Why (produced by Selena Gomez so duh!) – While it is a little controversial, I did find myself staying up until 5 am when I started this Netflix show. I couldn’t help trying to get to the episode of Clay’s tape and yes, I missed my morning meditation this day. See what I mean about me and TV? Even better news, season two was recently released so get to watching!
  5. Riverdale on CW: This show has gotten a little darker than I usually like to tolerate but I am HOOKED. Highschool dramas are my fave and I love Jughead and Betty. Oh, and I can’t forget to mention Cheryl Blossom’s zingers – she is an amazing character as well.
  6. Parenthood : This show is not only absolutely beautiful, but also hits SUPER close to home. As a member of a family that is unusually large, I thoroughly enjoy how Jason Katims worked his magic within this entire show about the Braverman family. Get ready for it because there are 6 delectable seasons and you won’t want to stop watching!

xo, Cathclaire



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