3 Tips on How to Pick a Wedding Videographer

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Here comes the influx of wedding content! I am so excited to share this video (and a taste of the photos from the oh-so-talented Kaytee Lauren!) with you guys and while this may be just the beginning, we are starting out with a bang with our wedding video from Altamira Production Co.

In terms of how to pick a videographer, the first thing I have to say is: just do it. I know the budget is a big thing when it comes to weddings because, well, weddings are hella-expensive and I’ve been there, but also – weddings, when you are the bride or groom, are a whirlwind. Everyone I’ve ever talked to (now my newlywed-self included) in regards to their wedding has described the day as flying by and a whirlwind. While they mean this in the best way, I can testify that fact is absolutely true. When Nick from Altamirasent me our wedding video, I can’t explain all the feels we felt reliving such a whirlwind yet beautiful, big day in our lives. The cinematic feel doesn’t hurt either.

Next, I would recommend spending a lot of time researching. Brides today have such an advantage because there are so many sample videos and reviews of videographers on the world wide web available. My advice is to watch sample videos, read the reviews, and see who’s style resonates with you. What kind of video do you want to be made of your special day? Do you want drone footage? Cinematic editing style?*  What about a documentary style video? If you want something with a touch of all of the above like mine, Altamiracan make it happen!

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Researching wedding vendors can be an overwhelming and tiring task – I can attest to that. I had my style and fashion elements picked out early on for the wedding, but all of the (what some may call “BIG”) details like the date and venue didn’t come as easy. One of my goals with sharing my experience with you guys is to hopefully help make your process of choosing what you love for your wedding a little easier! On that note, even if you aren’t in RVA, Altamira travels for videography! They’ve done all kinds of work with noteworthy DJs and done wedding work where Reb got married at The Homestead amongst tons of other venues!

Lastly, find a videographer you have confidence in. Your wedding day flies by so fast with so many moving parts – the last thing you need is to be worrying about how your video may or may not turn out. This was my number one when choosing a videographer for my wedding. I wanted someone whose work spoke for itself and who could come in on my big day and make shit happen. Nick and I spoke a few times about this video but he ultimately showed up and was a fly on the wall for the whole day and MADE THIS. I am still in awe of his astonishing work and the whole team at Altamira. Find someone to video a special day in your life whose art speaks for itself and you won’t ever have to think twice.

*Translation: Do you want to feel like a movie star? 

PS Did you see how sparkly my dress looked walking down the aisle?


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