3 Powerful Breathwork Techniques For Stress Relief and Self-Care

Breathwork has been a part of my self care & meditation practice for six years and over the course of this time I have dabbled in a variety of different healing and transformative breathwork techniques. Engaging in a breathwork practice has many benefits, one being that it helps with overall stress. Read on to learn about my favorite breathwork techniques from Dr. Joe Dispenza, BrainTap, and Recoded with Olivia.

Dr. Joe Dispenza’s Breathing Technique

The first time I ever experienced breathwork was at my first Dr. Joe Dispenza retreat, a Progressive Retreat in Philadelphia. I remember feeling so awkward as Dr. Joe described the breathwork technique because it was such a new concept to me. After all I had never heard the words breath and work together ever at that point in my life.

Isn’t it ironic how something as simple as breathing can go so easily unnoticed and can be harnessed as a powerful transformational tool?

dr joe dispenza breath

Dr. Joe includes the breath he teaches at his retreats in his latest book called Becoming Supernatural. Essentially, as you breathe in through your nose – you simultaneously contract your three lower chakras (or as Dr. Joe calls them “energy centers”) and visualize your energy going up your spine (like sipping water through a straw) to your pineal gland. Hold your breath for a few counts while imagining your energy activating your pineal gland. And release.

In my personal practice, I do this breathing technique from Dr. Joe for a range of 5-15 minutes.

*I highly recommend getting his book Becoming Supernatural because he dives into some amazing science that not only explains what the breath is but WHY it is so powerful.

Guided Breathwork Session from Recoded with Olivia

recoded with olivia manifest with cathclaire blog

I discovered Olivia’s powerful heart-centered work through Instagram and have since experienced her breathwork guidance first hand and had her as a guest on my podcast, Manifest with Cathclaire. Not only is she an incredible meditation guide and breathwork coach but she is a wealth of knowledge. (Tune into the Manifest with Cathclaire Episode called “Manifest with the Power of Your Breath” here.

In fact, I did my first breathwork session with Olivia before I started my podcast. The breathwork session I had with her was so transformational in ways I am still digesting but it removed a lot of blocks I was having with moving forward in my life. From launching my podcast to manifesting all kinds of opportunities, Olivia’s breathwork session helped me move through subconscious blocks in my life.

If you are not familiar with guided breathwork, it might seem superfluous. To clarify how powerful a breathwork coach like Olivia can be, think of her as a personal trainer. Yes, of course you can go to the gym by yourself, but when you have a trainer….you experience better results not only faster but with more confidence. Book a session with Olivia here.

The BrainTap Vagus Breathing with Dr. Patrick Porter

braintap headset manifest with cathclaire
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The BrainTap headset is one of my favorite, favorite tools in my self-care arsenal. The light therapy balances my brain, my thoughts, and my body in a way that requires almost no effort from me. I have really been enjoying their new breathwork series in the BrainTap app because breathwork combined with the light therapy is the ultimate energy increaser!

A powerful energetic healer, Dr. Ana Raika of Inphinite Wellness, recommended this Vagus Breathing BrainTap session to me and when she recommends something I DO IT. (She has a practice located in Richmond, VA and does all kinds of healing energetic therapies that will elevate your life!)

braintap headset breathwork cathclaire

There are a variety of different Vagus Nerve Breathing Techniques but I have only explored the one guided by Dr. Patrick Porter in the BrainTap app. In order to access this session, you need to sign up to be a BrainTap App Power User. This allows you to have access to thousands of BrainTap sessions for all kinds of things such as child birth, abundance, weight loss, increased immune system function, phobias, and BEYOND!

The Vagus Nerve is part of the Parasympathetic Nervous System which controls involuntary functions in the body such as digestion, heart rate, and your immune system. Doing a breathing technique (there are a variety of them you can find by searching in google) that is related to the Vagus Nerve will help calm you at any time of the day.

Whether you are new to the idea of breathwork or familiar with it, I highly recommend checking out each of these Breathwork Techniques. I can personally attest for each one of these three Breathwork Techniques because I have done all of them and experienced amazing results. Whether I need to increase my focus, move through a negative emotion/situation, or elevate my energy level, breathwork is a tool I use to do this in my life. Enjoy! Xo, Cathclaire


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