2022 Favorites in Fashion, Beauty, and Wellness

Drumroll please! Cathclaire here and I have taken the time to reflect on all of the fabulous fashion, beauty, and wellness products that have graced my life over the past 12 months or so. And let me tell you, 2022 did not disappoint. From the bold accessories that gave me all the confidence to take on the world, to the skincare products that kept my complexion glowing, to the mindfulness classes that helped me find some much-needed inner peace, your girl has tried it all. So, without further ado, let’s dive into my favorite finds of the year. Buckle up, bb.

BRA: Okay, I wish I understood the technology of this bralette. This undergarment comes in tiny packaging and somehow expanded to fit my boobs, support them…and also be comfortable without giving me a uni-boob. I now own 3 (the black one is my fave!) and cannot live a day without one. Under a t-shirt, amazing. Under a skin tight dress, amazing. The spectrum to where this bra applies it’s amazingness is far and wide! The price point is unreal as well. Read my full review here.

skims cathclaire review fashion blog

Makeup Primer: This beauty product is one that I snagged in a travel size while waiting in the Sephora checkout line – but it has now become something I cannot do my makeup routine without. You could say my relationship with this product has evolved from casual to official. Dating to marriage.

I treasured my travel size makeup primer and now I treasure my full size one of this heavenly concoction even more. I love to use it all over my face with or without foundation, this magical primer gives you that “glow from within” look in seconds. And yes, I wear it to the gym as a part of my “gym makeup” look. If you want to add extra glow, use it as a highlighter too! It tends to be sold out at Sephora in both sizes so if that’s the case, I order from this beauty website online.

*And no matter what anyone says, there is no dupe for this makeup primer. I LOVE LOVE LOVE , in fact I ADORE a good dupe – but nothing I have tried yet in this particular product’s place has had the same impact on my face as this makeup primer!

beauty faves cathclaire blog

Designer Bag with Pop of Colormine was YSL in pink.I have decided that a bag with a pop of color goes with any outfit. Yes, any.

I have my eye on a green bag for this year! Universe, if you are listening, I can’t decide between this darker green or this beautiful Kelly green bag (but honestly, I’ll take either.)

*One thing I like to consider when investing in a colored anything is to think about what chakra I want to work on or activate. Green is associated with the heart chakra! <3

pop of color handbag cathclaire fashion
designer bags for fashionistas cathclaire

Favorite Manifesting Coach: I like to do a year in review so that I can revisit precious memories with gratitude but also so that I can see what works for me and what doesn’t. Whether it be certain meditations, books, coaches etc – I keep a detailed log of what I participate in daily for this very purpose: to do more of whats working AND to share it here so you can benefit as well. After doing my year in review, I realized my goals and life were in the most alignment when I was working with this mindset coach. She is super passionate about what she does and makes her coaching accessible to you and I at an affordable price!

Gel X Nails: In 2022, I switched my nails from dip to gel x and will never go back! I am a huge fan of gel x, the way the look (so much thinner and shinier than dip!), and how durable they are. Get them done at a salon near you ( I like Luxe Nails in Richmdond, Va) or order this Amazon kit to try at home. TikTok tells me this brand is the best and the reviews on Amazon seem to agree. Don’t forget to pick you gel x kit based on the shape you want you nails to be!

cathclaire 2022 faves gel x nails
Gel X before adding color
cathclaire favorites 2022
Hailey Biber nails <3

Skims Dress: I have my insecurities about my body and tend to avoid wearing tight pieces of clothing. Since trying on the SKIMS dress, this habit of mine has changed. The SKIMS dress makes me feel amazing and confident in my body, and this feeling has spilled over into the way I feel about my body in general. My emo feelings aside, this dress can be worn for just about anything but working out. You can dress it up or make it as casual as pajamas. I highly recommend trying the actual SKIMS dress before considering a dupe. (I have both the long sleeve soft lounge dress and the slip dress In onyx. Basically, I am covered for any occasion in any weather to look hot AF thanks to SKIMS. )

skims dress cathclaire fashion blog

Healing Bowls from Pinch of Yum: Not only my favorite recipe of 2022, but also one of the most nourishing ones I have ever made. The only thing I changed in this recipe was I used bone broth in the sweet potatoes.

cathclaire favorite recipe
pinch of yum cathclaire blog recipe
Another favorite recipe: Air Fried Spicy Chickpeas

Teeth Whitening: I am a dentist’s daughter and because I have had access to professional whitening since getting my braces off at 16, I am particular about over the counter teeth whiteners. Especially teeth whitening strips. The only teeth whitener that I have found that can hold a candle to the gel whitener and customized bleaching trays the dentist can provide is this non-toxic teeth whitener. Can you believe you can get it on Amazon? My 16 year old self would freak.

Subconscious Mind Re-Programing Headset: I have been practicing meditation for about 8 years now and my practice has inspired me to continuously research the power of our mind and all of it’s wonders. I love to do a 2 hour meditation uninterrupted, but since becoming a mother, this isn’t always an option for me. This headset has allowed me to take care of my mind in a way that serves my family, myself, and the woman I want to be – sometimes in 10 mins or less. The combination of the programs on the app associated with this headset and the light therapy hitting your eyes & ears is priceless. and a HUGE fave in 2022. Read more in depth about my experience with this light therapy headset here.

reprogram your subconscious mind cathclaire
Manifest with Cathclaire podcast episode with creator of this headset

Golden Goose Sneaks (Especially for little ones, I am obsessed with Phoenix’s!): Ok truth be told, I got my pair of sparkly GG’s in 2020 and Phoenix got his this year. Him having a pair expanded my love for my trusty sneakers and that’s why I am including them in this years favorites. And for a boy who gets muddy and into everything outside, these shoes have held up extremely well! If you are in the market for a Golden Goose kids dupe, I found these.

kids golden goose dupe cathclaire
golden goose shoe review
More on this topic here

A New Divine Smelling, Conversation Starting Perfume I Added to My Collection: Perfume has always been something I loved, not only for it’s smell but as something to be remembered by. As we know, perfume can be bought by more than one person and will only be but so unique to you as the trend, if the perfume you chose smells good, catches on. HOWEVER, this perfume smells different on everyone and somehow, always turns heads and starts conversations. I haven’t gotten this many compliments on a perfume since college and yes, it is worth every penny.

Designer Looking Sunglasses: Instead of spending loads of money on designer sunglasses and being constantly disappointed in myself when I scratched said designer sunglasses, I did an experiment and ordered most of my sunnies in a more cost effective way in 2022. I have created a list here and I must say – not only do they look good, but I can also wear them stress free while my bank account smiles.

designer looking sunglasses

Magnetic Makeup Mirror: This mirror is great to travel with and to at home for everyday makeup -tbh it completely changed my getting ready experience by giving me the freedom to do my makeup in any room without sacrificing the perfect lighting! Great for recording, too – my fellow content creators! The magnetic aspect allows for you to attach your phone to the mirror so you can record your makeup process while also seeing yourself in the mirror. I found a dupe here at more than half the price.

magnetic mirror cathclaire favorites
Most of my TikTok and Instagram makeup videos are made using this. You can go look for yourself, they are professional grade quality and cinematic perfection.

Affordable Linen Sheets: While this is my favorite mattress and bedding brand (read more here), but unfortunately they do not have a linen sheet line yet. I found these linen sheets and as I write this blogpost, I am reminded that I need to order another pair. I love how these sheets look and feel. I prioritize making our bedroom feel like a sanctuary and these sheets fit RIGHT in!

cathclaire linen sheets favorites
cathclaire favorites 2022 linen sheets

And since you read all of my favorites of 2022, I am going to share with you one of my favorite things so far in 2023: a book. One so magical as I read it, more magic came into my own life. If you choose to read this book, savor it.

I hope you enjoyed my favorites from 2022 and found somethings that you want to try! XO, Cathclaire


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