Advanced Week Long Retreat with Dr. Joe Dispenza

If I think back over the 31 years of my life and what events have shaped me the most, one of them is *hands down* the week long retreat I attended with Dr. Joe Dispenza in Santa Fe, NM in February 2018. (shout old to my *old self* for procrastinating until now to do this post) I attended this retreat after going to one of his live Progressive Workshops in Philadelphia for a weekend. Make no mistake – both events were transformative – but there is a BIG energetic difference between being at a Dr. Joe Dispenza retreat for 2 days vs 7 days.

Sidenote: Dr. Joe’s progressive workshop is a pre requisite to attending his Advanced Week Long Retreats. He currently offers the online Progressive workshop (self study) with the purchase of a ticket to an Advanced Week Long Retreat for your convenience.

When I went to this retreat, Dr. Joe’s latest book “Supernatural” had been out for a couple of months and of course, I had read it cover to cover by the time I got to Santa Fe. I wanted to be fully prepared for my journey on this Advanced Week Long with Dr. Joe to honor the investment I was making in myself. I am so glad I did because it made the new material Dr. Joe taught in Santa Fe that much easier to understand and apply, throughout the week. He gives you several opportunities to apply the material throughout the week. If you are looking into attending a Dr. Joe workshop – I highly advise that you study before attending. Read his books, watch his interviews on Youtube, read Dr. Joe’s blog on his website, make yourself a sponge for all things by Dr. Joe so that you can make the most of this big investment in yourself.

Another tip, if you want to attend a workshop – sign up ASAP. As soon as registration opens, BE at your computer. Yes – I’m serious. These puppies sell out fast AF. I would highly recommend meditating prior to this process because if you aren’t prepared, the demand can throw you for a loop and leave you frustrated. If you get your workshop ticket and the hotel accommodations sell out (aka the hotel where the workshop is held) , don’t worry. The same thing happened to me but it ended up being a good thing because, well, we stayed at the Four Seasons Santa Fe instead. And that was magicccccal. Any Four Seasons for an extended stay is just the dream. (see my babymoon at the Four Seasons Surf Club here)

Santa Fe dr joe dispenza
dr joe dispenza retreat blog
Four Seasons Hotel Santa Fe

I know, I know, you want me to get to the good stuff like WHAT TO EXPECT when you attend a Dr. Joe Dispenza Advanced Week Long Workshop! Gosh, where to begin. You can expect to not get a lot of sleep and the days you get the least amount of sleep are the days that will be your best. I love that loopy feeling, getting up early before the sun, not knowing what Dr. Joe has up his sleeve – truly being in the unknown. Dr. Joe keeps the schedule under wraps for the most part throughout the whole week. He keeps you in the loop as he has to – because, hello, these events consist of 1,000s of people so a schedule is somewhat difficult to avoid – but he does a phenomenal job of keeping his attendees in the unknown and the present moment. He keeps you timeless.

Santa Fe advanced week long retreat

You can expect to meditate ALOT in allllll kinds of ways. Sitting down meditations, laying down meditations, and my personal favorite: walking meditations. You cannot beat doing a walking meditation with Dr. Joe at a workshop – all of the destinations he chooses for his workshops are stunning & Santa Fe was no exception – especially the morning ones that are timed with sunrise. Initially you might be worried about how cold it is outside (it was freezing in Santa Fe during these meditations) or how tired you are going to be at 4 am, but show up, feel the feels, and you won’t second guess getting up for the next walking meditation. You will be cheering when he announces that there is another one on the schedule, trust me!

dr joe dispenza week long retreat
The group getting ready for the walking meditation.
Right when I finished my walking meditation.

Alright so, the meditations at this Advanced Week Long Retreat with Dr. Joe are pretty much a no brainer in terms of what to expect for the week. If you’ve read Dr. Joe’s books – I’m sure you could hypothesize the amount of meditating involved with his seminars. However, what I didn’t expect was a physical challenge. On the first day, Dr. Joe kept referencing these physical challenges that some of the attendees were doing and I immediately broke into a sweat. WTF, I came here to meditate not conquer my fears.

dr joe dispenza retreat

Boy was I in for a treat when my group was called for the physical challenge. I WAS TERRIFIED. Walking to the challenge, doing all the challenges, watching other people watch me terrified while doing the challenge – literally, terrified the entire time. But I’ll tell you what – when I finished walking on that beam and got to look around at the beautiful Santa Fe landscape from way up there after conquering my fear – I felt unstoppable. I reference that moment and that feeling in my life whenever I am scared and remind myself of what we as humans are capable of. I am so thankful that Dr. Joe pushes his students beyond their limits. I know it sounds cheesy but it really was a huge lesson for me and helped me have a deeper transformation during the retreat. It liberated so much of my energy to meditate and create my future with!

cathclaire dr joe dispenza blog

As you can see, I can go on and on about this Dr. Joe retreat. I can’t say enough good things about Dr. Joe’s teachings or his workshops. Feel free to shoot me an email if you have specific questions – there is nothing I love talking about more! I hope if you were on the fence about attending a Dr. Joe retreat before you read this blog post, now you are ready to go all in.

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  1. January 7, 2020 / 3:53 pm

    next time I’m going with!!! that four seasons looks like a dream!

    xx reb

  2. Georgina
    November 19, 2020 / 11:37 pm

    loved your article! my questions are about logistics. i am looking into going to cancun, it is still not sold out! should i get there the day before? leave the day after? will the link me to the hotel website to make reservations? i guess I won’t be swimming! with all these meditations. thanks a million. hope you can answer asap.

    • cathclaire
      November 21, 2020 / 6:37 pm

      what kind of logistics? thanks for reading! Xo, cath

  3. agina simpkins
    January 1, 2021 / 7:58 pm

    Love Dr. Joe I want to go to a retreat so bad. I think you have convinced me to do it. I’ve read all his books and do lots of his meditations. Do you have any favorite meditations of his? Was is life changing did you learn a lot during your time at the retreat. Its one thing to read his work but in person, I can only imagine!