20 Amazon Sunglasses Under $20 That Look Designer

Cathclaire here bringing you 20 pairs of sunglasses on Amazon under $20 bucks that look and FEEL designer.

Is there such thing as too many sunglasses?

amazon fashion sunglasses
These Amazon Cat Eye sunglasses were my first amazon sunglass purchase EVER and I love them!

In my humble opinion, the answer is no. Whenever I successfully find awesome amazon fashion pieces at a great price, I feel a moral obligation to share the good news with my online community ASAP so if you sense an urgency in my writing – that is why lol. (ex: this Amazon workout set is LEGIT.)

I have found 20 pairs of sunglasses on Amazon that not only look the part of designer sunglasses but also have great reviews for under $20.

Whether you are looking to save on your Amazon sunglasses because you have a tendency to scratch or lose them, have a little one who is constantly grabbing at your sunglasses, or simply want to try a designer trend without splurging – Cathclaire is at your service with 20 sunglass options.

As you can see in my artsy fartsy collage I made above, there are designer look alikes on Amazon for Versace, Saint Laurent, Bottega Veneta, Celine and more. Pictured above are just 4 of my favorite sunnies on Amazon and I have 16 more good looking sunglasses here.

amazon designer sunglasses
I love the fabric on these Amazon sunglasses, they add such a fun element to every outfit I wear them with! The fancy green top I am wearing here is also from good ole Amazon. Shop it here.
amazon bottega veneta dupe sunglasses
I wear these SOJO Amazon sunglasses CONSTANTLY. I feel like they dress up just about any outfit and I love the unique take on the aviator style.
amazon sunglass fashion finds cathclaire

I hope this Amazon sunglasses roundup is helpful to you and that you can find a pair (or two) that suits your personal style. For all 20 of the sunglasses that look and feel designer and the can be found on Amazon, find the full list on my cathclaire amazon shop page here.

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