10 Best Fashion Blogs to Follow in 2018

best fashion blogs to follow 2018 how do you wear that

1. How Do You Wear That by Caitlin Warakmonski: It is a given that all of these fashion blogs included in the 10 Best Fashion Blogs to Follow in 2018 have notable style and Caitlin’s How Do You Wear That is no exception. Based in New Jersey and NYC, her feed aesthetic is the perfect balance of color and her style advice is so helpful! With the swarm of content that is thrown at us daily, it is hard to keep my attention for long and Caitlin always keeps me coming back for more outfit inspiration! Check out How Do You Wear That on Instagram here.

best fashion blogs to follow catt sadler

2. Catt Sadler – I first saw Catt Sadler on E! News and ever since she launched her fashion blog theCattWalk, I have been a religious reader. Not only do I adore her style, but I really enjoy reading about her lifestyle. She mixes in inspiring affirmations and advice tidbits throughout her fashion content and these jewels of wisdom sometimes get me through my day! Follow Catt on Instagram here.

I love Catt’s snapcats and instastories. She is an inspiring woman on SO many fronts for all that she juggles and for walking away from her E! Entertainment job (see her story WHY here.)  

Fun fact: she conducted the bizaro interview with Jim Carey from NYFW last September. Watch her work her magic here

best fashion blogs to follow the crystal press

3. The Crystal Press :  The Crystal Press is a lifestyle blog that was started a couple of years ago by me (Cathclaire) & Rebecca Piersol and has been going strong ever since. From travel & beauty tips to affordable fashion (& investment items worth the splurge) galore, The Crystal Press  highlights the lives of Rebecca and I. We love sharing what inspires us with our readers in hopes it inspires them throughout their day. Check out The Crystal Press on Instagram here.

You didn’t think I was going to end this 10 Best Fashion Blogs to Follow in 2018 blogpost without doing a little bit of shameless self promotion did you? 

best fashion blogs to follow 2018 hustle halcyon

4.  Hustle & Halycon by Payton Sartain: Like I mentioned in the beginning of this post, it is so easy to get exhausted by the beautiful life of bloggers and don’t get me wrong, Payton’s life and style is beautiful. However, she has always stood out to me in the blogging industry because she is real about it. I am moved by how she shares her inspiration, self-help tips, and behind the scenes of blogging. My language is fashion and inspiration and Payton speaks it eloquently. Check out her fashion blog Hustle & Halycon, you won’t want to stop scrolling! Follow Payton on Instagram here

fashion blogs to follow east coast fox

5. East Coast Fox: East Coast Fox is a fashion blog based in NYC by a really cool lady named Amanda. East Coast Fox has creative fashion content and I especially love following East Coast Fox on Instagram because I love Amanda’s Instagram stories. She shares photos that are inspiring her pretty often and I always look forward to seeing what inspires her to create her awesome content. Give Amanda’s fashion blog a follow on Instagram here.

fashion blogs to follow the perennial style

6. The Perennial Style: I love finding other blogs that are created by multiple people. Maybe it’s my involvement in The Crystal Press or maybe it’s the coming together of different styles to one platform that keeps things interesting, but I love watching the Flowers sisters on their blog The Perennial Style. Based in Texas, these ladies are always doing something fun! From traveling to Bali to showcasing the latest fashion trend in the best way, they have got it going on. Check out the ladies behind the fashion blog on Instagram here

fashion blogs to follow fashion jackson 2018

7.  Fashion Jackson: Fashion Jackson is a fashion blog based in Dallas, TX by Amy Jackson. One thing I love about Amy’s fashion blog, besides her effortless style, is her consistent content on Instagram and on her blog. I know how hard it is to keep up with all of the different platforms these days and it seems as if Amy has mastered this art. I love checking out her blog to see all of her new latest posts and love how she mixes trends with classic pieces! Check out Fashion Jackson on Instagram here.

fashion blogs to follow olivia rink

8. Olivia Rink: I adore Olivia Rink and her content. Her focus on petite fashion is really helpful (I have the short legs and need all the petite advice in this category) and her blogposts are always beautifully done & thorough. I look forward to continuing to follow Olivia on her blogging journey! Check out Olivia Rink on instagram here.

fashion blogs to follow the demeler

9. The Demeler: The Demeler is a fashion blog by Lily Montasser and I have been following her since she started her blog. From her Instagam captions to her creative way of styling trendy things, Lily is always a source of inspiration for me and one of the best fashion blogs to follow in 2018. She lives in NYC currently but is from Cali, so she is constantly sharing content in some of the most beautiful places!  Give Lily a follow on Instagram here.

fashion blogs to follow jo and kemp

10. Jo And Kemp : Like I mentioned in my remarks about The Perennial Style, I really enjoy following fashion & lifestyle blogs that highlight the style of more than one person. Jo and Kemp are the cutest/most stylish husband and wife  and their content is always on point #couplegoals. On top of her killer style (which is usually pretty affordable fashion which is a major plus) – lately Kemp has been sharing her workouts on her Instastory highlights and I have really enjoyed referencing these tips in my own workouts. Check out Jo and Kemp on Instagram here.

I hope you guys enjoyed this blogpost about the 10 Best Fashion Blogs to Follow in 2018 and that you find all kinds of inspiration for your own life with these people!




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