How to Feel Parisian with Darphin

I am a skincare fanatic. 

You name it in terms of skin magic potions, I have probably tried it or want to try it. Let it be known that I don't limit my skincare curiousity to organic concoctions or by any specific equation except for how it makes my skin (and I) feel. That's a pretty sound (and fun) rule of thumb, am I right?

I was very excited when I recieved these products compliments of Darphin Paris as a part of a #PreenMeVIP program because one way I like skincare to make me feel is Parisian. I've never been to Paris but these Darphin products make me feel like a French women walking the streets of the oh-so-fashionable city. From the beautiful package presentation, to the cleansing balm, to the quenching moisturizer, Darphin's beautifully curated skincare line has got it going on in a perfectly indulgent way. The minute you open any of their products, your senses will be hit with such aromas that you won't want to use it just once.

If you follow me on Snapchat (cathclaire), you saw that my favorite Darphin product is the Aromatic Purifying Balm. This is an overnight balm (swoon) that is equipped with essential oils from 12 medicinal plants, spices, and flowers. Nothing makes me feel more pampered than a beneficial overnight mask and I am reminded of this everytime I wake up with a lovely glow after a night of this magic balm.

If you are one who enjoys the experience of skincare like moi, Darphin has all the products you need to make your at home French spa experience a reality. I have linked the products I tried and loved below!

PS The Facial Sonic Cleansing and Massaging Expert is a MUST have!