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Cathclaire's Hollywood Bachelorette

While I am not one of those people who had their wedding details picked out since they first saw Cinderella, I did know two things as a bride-to-be: I get to marry the love of my life & my bachelorette is going to be in LA.

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Elevated Denim

My fiancè prefers that I wear white denim over my constant "the darker the denim the better" approach to my daily attire. When I scored these black and white striped beauts from ASOS, I immediately recognized them as a wearable compromise in skinny jean form. Cue the Maroon 5 "She Will Be Loved" earworm - It's not always rainbows and butterflies, It's compromise that moves us along. Am I the only one who can't say the word compromise without thinking of this song? 


Dress Me in Possibility

With the Drake and JLo's rumored romance on my mind, I have found myself listening to a lot of throwback music from the good ole days when I had an intense obsession with Jennifer Lopez. While I can't tell you how old I was, I can tell you this JLo obsession was right after my infatuation with Taylor Hanson and right before my Newlyweds-is-the-only-show-I-watch-and-I-want-to-be-Jessica-Simpson phase. Obsession can be a beautiful thing and I was reminded of this when I felt waves of pure bliss while rediscovering "Feelin' So Good" from Jennifer Lopez's first album On The 6th. Isn't it the best when you get hit with this nostalgic feeling?


Start With Why

What do you do in preparation for New Years? Aside from the basics of buying a new dress, I spend the month of December prepping for the New Year by crossing off last minute things on my bucket list for 2016 and dreaming up 2017. You could say that the time between Christmas and New Years Eve is crunch time for creating my vision for 2017 and that is exactly what I have been working on this week. When I say "working," I mean watching Taylor Swift music videos (I prefer the 1989 World Tour on Apple Music), drinking wine, and reading books about movers and shakers of the world to remind me of what's possible.


Dessange Paris: A Blonde's BFF

My fiancè and I went to see Collateral Beauty this past weekend (which I have been dying to see, Will Smith really does it for me with this genre of movies and let me tell you, he didn't disapoint this little heart of mine) and for once we got to Cinebistro, our theatre of choice - always, too early. Luckily Cinebistro is connected to Stony Point Fashion Park, so the two of us roamed around the mall. Two fabulous pairs of sunglasses and a delicious PF Changs meal later, I realized that I have never had so many compliments on the shade of my blonde hair.

Red Wine

Have you thought about your holiday outfits yet?


How to Feel Parisian with Darphin

I am a skincare fanatic. 

You name it in terms of skin magic potions, I have probably tried it or want to try it. Let it be known that I don't limit my skincare curiousity to organic concoctions or by any specific equation except for how it makes my skin (and I) feel. That's a pretty sound (and fun) rule of thumb, am I right?

I was very excited when I recieved these products compliments of Darphin Paris as a part of a #PreenMeVIP program because one way I like skincare to make me feel is Parisian. I've never been to Paris but these Darphin products make me feel like a French women walking the streets of the oh-so-fashionable city. From the beautiful package presentation, to the cleansing balm, to the quenching moisturizer, Darphin's beautifully curated skincare line has got it going on in a perfectly indulgent way. The minute you open any of their products, your senses will be hit with such aromas that you won't want to use it just once.

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