My Favorite Christmas Movies on Netflix for 2017

christmas movies netflix

I am addicted to cheesy Christmas movies on Netflix this year, guys. I do not know what came over me this year like I mentioned in my 98 Degrees Christmas tour post, but I am feeling so cheesy and so festive and so INTO Christmas in EVERY way this year. TBH, I've never felt better.

I haven't posted anything on my blog in 6 days because guess what I have been doing? I have been watching every Christmas Netflix movie........what feels like nonstop. How am I supposed to do research for this blog post (aka watching Christmas rom-coms) AND work on my blog?

If you are like me and feel like cheesy and happy Christmas movies on Netflix are like a massage for your brain (kinda like a meditation...?) then this blog post today on Cathclaire is for you. Here are my top Christmas Movies on Netflix for your viewing pleasure. Get yourself a cup of hot cocoa (spike it for even more fun) and cuddle up on the couch with the remote and your favorite holiday candle to check em out!

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Meditation for Beginners from a Meditation Junkie

I have been addicted to meditating for a couple of years now.  I find myself talking about my meditation practice when I meet you guys in person and recently I have started to take notice that this subject is always accompanied by the "what, really? Please teach me!" reaction. I am really vocal about my meditation experiences within my circle of friends and I want to begin to share this on cathclaire in hopes you guys will gain something from it!

Meditation has benefited me in ways that I could have never imagined. It is something I look forward to almost everyday and when the day rolls around that puts the "almost" in almost everyday,  I am ALWAYS happy I pushed through and forced myself to meditate anyway. As a result of this consistent practice: my energy levels are higher, my focus is stronger than it's ever been, and the voice in my head has become one of my most supportive friends versus a thing to be dealt with.

Are you intrigued yet? 



98 Degrees at Christmas Tour Review with Cathclaire

If you all the sudden feel like you are the most obsessed-with-Christmas person in the room like me this season  (and by all the sudden I mean I didn't always used to be like this) - you have GOT to go see 98 Degrees on their Christmas tour.

Even if you aren't obsessed with holiday cheer and think you MIGHT enjoy this beautiful performance or are the least bit curious about how Nick Lachey's face looks lately IRL, don't think twice. Don't think twice and go get yourself a ticket if they are touring anywhere near you.  You will thank me later because the whole time you will feel like dancing (and you will dance) AND you will feel like you are drinking a cup of the best hot coco you have ever had (in reality, it's a Bud Light.) See the video proof below:

A little recap:

Last night I went to this concert with a bunch of my girlfriends and sister for the ideal night on the town during the holiday season: drinks + best friends + live Christmas pop music. We all met at Juleps on Grace Street in Richmond to catch some happy hour cocktails (yes, this lovely restaurant has happy hour from 5-7!) within walking distance of the Carpenter Center, where the 98 degrees concert was. I ordered the Champagne Julep that wasn't on happy hour because I couldn't resist it and I was very thrilled with my drink of choice. It was a concoction of mint, bubbles, and fresh berries. Highly recommend.



SALE: Workout and Beauty Picks for Cyber Monday with Cathclaire

Cyber Monday is here and I am sharing with you the two categories I am shopping this time around: workout clothes + beauty/treat yo-self products. While I thoroughly enjoy eating my weight in Turkey and whatever else I can get my hands while socializing with family and friend for a week straight, Cyber Monday is the perfect reminder to purchase some prods that will help get ourselves back on track before we do round two around Christmas! 

Whether you drank too much Brunello (like me) or neglected your workout regimen in honor of hanging with your favorite peeps (like me), here are some sale items to get you motivated to get in shape and treat yourself (or a loved one) this Cyber Monday. I especially LOVE the fact that Neiman Marcus is including BEAUTY PRODUCTS in their Cyber Monday gift card promotion..yes, even perfume. 

Yes, even Tom Ford "F***ing Fabulous" perfume. What better time to try new beauty products or to stock up on all of your beauty staples than when Neiman's is offering you a reward like a gift card? I have my eye on La Mer, Oui hairspray, and the RMS highlighter kit! RMS is all natural and one of my favorite highlighters for the dewy look that is popular now.

SO, don't wait too long because your size or favorite beauty product will sell out! Check out my workout picks from ASOS and my beauty picks from Neimans below!

ASOS Workout Gear: 30% off for Cyber Monday

Neiman Marcus Giftcard Promotion Cyber Monday Beauty Picks:

PS - Here is my hat from ASOS that you guys have been asking about from my Thanksgiving Insta-stories!