DIY: Relaxing Flower Bath with Gillette Venus

This post was sponsored by Gillette Venus.

Self care is of the utmost importance these days ladies and while we don't always have the time or money to treat ourselves to a day at the spa, there are plenty of things we can do at home to keep us feeling our best. From a DIY relaxing bath at home to getting rid of unwanted hairs with Gillette, the options to feeling our best are endless! One of my favorite things to do when travel requirements and to-dos won't stop piling up on my calendar is to have a relaxing "self-care" evening at home. I usually carve out a full evening to do all the things for myself that I have been putting off because of lack of time. My self-care evening usually involves putting on a face mask, dry brushing, exfoliating, shaving any unwanted hair from my head to my toe with Gillette, and a herbal flower bath.

Is there anything better than smooth, clean skin? I love the new Gillette Venus Bikini trimmer guys. It is super cost effective and compact so that you can take it on the road with you to get rid of any unwanted hair.
I know a lot of you have been asking me about my flower baths and I am excited to share with you how simple my routine to create this bath is!

Here is how I create my flower bath: 

  1.  Get a value pack of flowers and 5 pieces of various citrus fruit from from your local grocery store. 
  2.  Cut the blooms off of each flower stem. If you leave the stem, keep in my that you will see it in your bath. 
  3. Thinly slice each fruit down the middle. I usually use limes, lemons, grapefruits, and blood oranges if I can find them. 
  4. Add Epsom Salt if you have any aches or pains from working out or an essential oil with a carrier oil such as almond oil. I chose to use a Rose essential oil with olive oil in this particular instance and it smelled divine! 
  5. Enjoy your favorite book or beverage while soaking!

This is my reminder for you guys to take care of yourselves throughout your busy lives! I hope you take my advice loves! xo Cath
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My Morning Routine with Bulletproof Coffee

fashion blogger bulletproof coffee recipe

I have implemented a lot of new habits in 2018 (yes, I know we are only 15 days in..) and I am so excited to share them with you guys.

First up: my new morning routine with bulletproof coffee

I have become addicted to this bulletproof coffee much so that yesterday morning I woke up to make it (I look forward to it every morning) and realized my husband had used the last of the butter for it. Solution? Head to Saadia's Juicebox in Jackson Ward to grab some! She has it on the menu, along with all kinds of delicious concoctions. (I also ordered a wellness shot and it was the perfect addition to my Sunday morning!)

saadias juicebox richmond va review blogpost

I have always been a person who considers their mornings sacred (working out, meditation, and journaling with coffee are a must) but adding bulletproof coffee to the dock has been a game changer that I am very excited to tell you guys about in hopes that it can be just as much of a game changer for you as well. 

If you're like me, you have probably heard the words bulletproof coffee tossed around over the past couple of years..but let me tell you - throwing MCT Oil, grass-fed unsalted butter, and your favorite coffee into a blender to start your morning is nothing short of magical. The crash that coffee usually comes with? Forget it. Starting your day off with pesky cravings that distract you from what you need to get done? Forget that ish as well. 

As if it can't get any better, bulletproof coffee is just as frothy as your favorite latte and it doesn't have the dairy that goes along with it! This frothy, energy igniting concoction is a must-try and something that I have really enjoyed adding to my daily routine.

How do you do it? Here are some directions I got from the BYRDIE website:


  • 8 oz. filtered water
  • 2 1/2 heaping tbsp. freshly ground Bulletproof Upgraded Coffee beans (or, if you don’t want to buy the Bulletproof brand of low-mold beans, just make an 8 oz. cup of regular coffee, ideally using fresh-roasted beans)
  • 1 tbsp. grass-fed, unsalted butter (or ghee)*

*Asprey recommends graduating to two tbsp. once you acquire the taste for it.  
Combine the brewed hot coffee, teaspoon of MCT oil, and tablespoon of grass-fed, unsalted butter or ghee in a blender to get a frothy, creamy mixture like that of a latte. If you just stir the butter and oil into the hot coffee, the oil won’t blend and will sit on the surface of the drink. Then drink up! Just remember, due to the calories and fat content, bulletproof coffee is intended to be your breakfast, not to be consumed in addition to your usual breakfast.

P.S Can we talk about how hard it is to look fierce when it's freezing out? I am so excited about this Lovers + Friends coat from Revolve because it does the trick WHILE keeping you oh-so-warm. Also, silver goes with anything, like literally anything. I see myself wearing this coat constantly, especially with the way the forecast is looking. What do you guys think? xo

fashion blogger bulletproof recipe cathclaire

Zippered High-Waist Jeans: Forever 21 / Silver Ankle Boots: Saint Laurent (sold out, similar here) / Tommy Jeans Collegiate T-shirt: Tommy Hilfiger  / Calla Lily Belted Matte Silver Puffer: Lovers + Friends via Revolve / Cafe Racer Mirrored Sunglasses in White: Quay  / Belt: Gucci (backordered, similar here )
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Favorite Perfumes Right Now

Perfume: you either love it or hate it ... and Cathclaire loves it. 

I was looking at my perfume collection the other day and realized that I have collected a lot of perfume over the past few months. As I've gotten older, I've gotten less obsessed with having a signature scent (mine was Chloe for years and yes, I still always have a bottle on hand) and more into having perfumes for all the different versions of myself

If one day I wake up wanting to embrace my inner Beyonce, I spritz myself with Tom Ford "Fucking Fabulous,"if I wake up wanting to embrace my carefree spirit from college, I will spritz myself with Chloe, and if I wake up wanting to be reminded of the day I married my favorite person (wedding blog post here), I will spritz myself with Chanel "Beige." To be honest, the list goes on and on...and on and on.

With the style stage that I am in right now, it is just more fun to have a different perfume for my different moods versus sticking to one signature scent. Perfume is the invisible finishing touch of your look. It is a way to amplify your style and sometimes, even a way to make yourself stand out in a room full of people. Like I mentioned earlier, it is also a way to embrace different versions/aspects of yourself or memories. I wanted to share with you guys the scents that I have on rotation right now because it is probably one of the most common questions I get!

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Everything is Gucci (T-Shirt)

This is by far my favorite outfits thus far for Cathclaire: a sequin beret, a Gucci T-shirt, and a balloon sleeve red coat with my favorite jean shorts (the ones I've been wearing nonstop since Vegas here) and OTK boots. Yes, that is snow on the pond in the background but I braved the cold because: fashion and well I love these shorts. I have been continuously wearing these pieces ( you already know this if you follow @cathclaire on Instagram...)so I wanted to share them with you before they get sold out in every size! All of these items and similar ones are linked below from several different retailers.

These photos were taken at an Airbnb in Charlottesville, VA the weekend before New Years Eve. I spent this time in Charlottesville going to wineries, sitting by the fire (mostly out of neccesity because I was wearing shorts and it was snowing), and playing "What do You Meme?" It was such a lovely time to get away from the hustle and bustle of Richmond and it was extra lovely to see my best friend from college, whom I haven't seen since her wedding day in September. We chat every morning but you guys know, chatting on the phone is NOT the same as being with your BFF. 



Like a Flame: T-Shirts with a Pop of Red

red trend t-shirt fashion blog

Looking for a way to dip your toe into the fashionable red trend? I have found that one of my favorite ways to embrace this "like a flame" red color trend that has been engulfing the fashion world for months is with a t-shirt.

You can dress a t-shirt up, dress it down, and basically wear it however you would like all the while being comfortable and just on trend enough without spending a lot of money. I have rounded up my favorite t-shirts and graphic tees that are available right now from ASOS, Forever 21, and Nordstroms.

Shop my favorite t-shirts with a pop of red:

In other news, I am happy to be back from taking a little break from social media. I have been doing a little mind and body detox to get the year started off on the right note. However, during my social media hiatus - Rebecca and I were on the front of Style Weekly (a publication we've always ooed and awed over!), talk about a way to bring in the new year! See more about the article we were featured in called "The Influence Effect" here.

Stay tuned because I have more to say about this fabulous like a flame red trend and the New Year. Love you guys the most!